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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping for abuse?

I hate to keep beating this poor abused horse, but has anyone else seen this shit?

  • Cleve Wells Training Kit

  • A fricking training kit that doesn’t have anything but twisted wire bits and correctional ports? $650.00 bucks for a do it yourself abuse kit? Is he joking? Has someone actually bought this sorry piece of shit? What happened to plain snaffles, smooth bosals and mild curbs?

  • Cleve Wells Membership Packages

  • Membership packages? Is there really a person in existence that paid $5,000.00 for this asshole to come to their ranch and tell them how to “manage” their equine program? At what point does he show you how to take the horse behind the barn and beat the hell out of it?
    Please tell me that no one has actually shelled out that kind of money to this dirtbag!

  • Cleve Wells Spurs

  • $120.00 bucks for a set of plain spurs? OMFG, who are these marketing geniuses that could actually get people to pay that kind of money? I’ve owned the same set of spurs of 30 years and I think they cost $15.00 when I bought them. Even with inflation they couldn’t cost more than $60.00 to replace.

  • Cleve Wells Rowels

  • Look at the fricking rowels you can order. WTF is up with the rock grinder one?

    All this *crap* can be found at the
  • Horseman's Mall Website

  • I’m sorry but I will never buy anything from this site, or anyone else listed on it, as long as Mr. Wells is on the front page. And the Pleasure Horses.com site that owns it needs to be told very bluntly that their sorry asses should be kicked for even leaving his stuff up. You can email them here and tell them just what you think of having to visit a website that has Mr. Wells’ torture devices for sale.
  • Webmaster Horseman’s Mall

    Anonymous said...

    First! HA HA HA! Okay, just kidding.

    Any "training" tool that has the words "ROCK GRINDER" in the description should be banned.

    I like to call people like Cleve "trainers." They aren't real trainers, so we put the word in quotes. A trainer who relies on gadgets is not a trainer, he's a manipulator. I cannot STAND most trainer's marketing ploys to make money off their gadgets, even my favorites (Clinton Anderson and Monty Roberts). I don't mind a book about what they do, just not the tools.

    After spending my weekend watching horses in our Bucky Sparks clinic be ridden in plain snaffles and one horse in a halter, taking out the shanked bits in their mouths, I breathe a sigh of relief. Bucky is not out to make money on gadgets--his goal is to teach you how to do work with your horse that encourages softness, balance, and soundness. It was so easy and relaxing work for both the rider and the horse. Why why why why WHY can't trainers do this stuff????

    Nicely dun said...

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
    Stumbled upon your blog, have to say I like the truth you've uncovered.
    Nice training set, by the way.
    I must have trained my horse incorrectly, he's never seen a twisted wire or a retardedly shanked high port bit.
    Oh well, sucks to be us...


    Anonymous said...

    Okay, I couldn't resist.

    Here is the Katphoti Cleve Wells Replica Complete Training Package. Products were researched on Chicks Saddlery, HorseLoverz.com and Tack Wholesale for prices. Prices are retail.

    Twisted wire eggbutt snaffle, medium: 22.00
    Twisted wire eggbutt snaffle, small: $12.99
    Slow twist eggbutt snaffle: $27.00
    Side pull: $29.50
    Short shank correction bit: $19.99
    Medium solid port toilet paper roll holder--oops, I mean bit: $26.95
    Draw reins (equivalent to the driving rings): $14.00
    Driving lines: $20.90
    Splint boots: $11.99
    Video: $29.95 (seemed about the average price of his videos)

    GRAND TOTAL (excluding tax and shipping): $215.27

    $650.80 - $215.27 = $435.53

    Although I would be MUCH smarter in my markup and make it a full $800.00 for the whole set. Milk 'em for as much as I possibly can, I say!

    For the Tennessee Walking Horse
    When the Rain Horse Comes
    The Murder of the English Language

    GoLightly said...

    Nuff said.

    I think some people in the business should just call themselves S& M "trainers". They are sadists, their horses (and owners) are masochists.
    (as if)

    what katphoti said!

    Truthseeker said...

    An off-topic comment: you have the no-right-click alert on your blog. I use right-click to open links in a new window so that I can keep the main window open at the same time. Fortunately, one can do the same thing by keeping the shift key pressed while clicking on the link to be opened in new window. However, fyi, no-right-click does not prevent image theft. Images can be saved in these ways: 1. do a screen capture; 2. retrieve the image from the internet cache on one's own computer; 3. Use image catching software; 4. Go to File in the browser then Save As then HTML complete then get the image out of the folder created on one's own computer; 5. turn off javascript, thereby disabling the no-right-click alert, then right click anyhow. Personally, I find it annoying when a site owner shows so little appreciation for their visitors that they assume that everyone who right-clicks is after their images. But, that's just me. :)

    Trojan Mouse said...


    I added the right click feature after the little know nothings on the fugly forum decided to take my entire posts and repost them over there.
    While a right click doesn't prevent all theft it is a visible warning, so people can't say they "didn't know" the stuff was copyrighted.


    CHT said...

    People would rather buy stuff then actually put the time into their horses. WHich is odd, as most people got into horses because they wanted to spend time with them...

    Truthseeker,I am with you on the right click thing...I like openning in new windows too, and find the message that pops up here a little rude...

    Still good blog, so willing to tolerate the annoyance.


    Nohab said...

    I suggest, you should check out the Shank bits. Especially the one on top, called "Cathedral Narrow Port". If you just pull hard enough, the horse ends up with a hole in the roof of its mouth. And the owner with a major vet bill.

    Tricky said...

    I have had this debate a million times with people about the use of severe bits..... why do people use them? The same movement can be produced with the same effort without the use of painful gadgetry and short cuts. I have seen horses perform GP tests with no bridle, so why the need for doubles? ( sorry english person only just learning about western world) I'm guessing they can perform in the same manner in a bosal or a simple snaffle, rather than high port bits?
    Someone once told me it's because of a sign of acceptance that the horse wear it. I would be far more impressed by someone in a halter than in a high ported shank that can break a jaw or puncture through the roof of the mouth.

    Trainers who sell gadgets should be held responsible for their mis-use. Some things in correct hands CAN be beneficial, but 99% of the time they are not used correctly by inexperienced people who blame ignorance as to why their horse has lost the plot.


    Tuffy Horse said...

    Here's what I find really pathetic about the whole kit: Twisted wire bits.

    What is up with that? Gimmick bits should not be used to start a horse! If you can take a horse that is a blank sheet of paper and make it a good animal with a snaffle or bosal then you are in the wrong business. I can understand using different mouthpieces and such for RETRAINING, because sometimes the mental damage does take a specific action to correct. But to START a colt with a twisted wire bit is just the stupidest fricking thing I've ever heard.

    If you EVER see a trainer using a twisted bit on a green horse run very far away and NEVER buy anything from him, because you know the mouth is going to be shot.

    As for the rest of his gadgets: blech.

    Tracy M

    BehindTheBarn said...

    The dumbest part of his ad for the training package with all the overpriced twisted wire crap is:

    "If this package of equipment won't help you train your horse, then it is not worth training."

    All I can say is, this is one seriously smug c*cksucker.

    Anonymous said...

    Just wanted to make a comment about the spurs:

    You can get a lot of spurs, not just cleve's, for over 100 bucks. They are really, really heavy THICK metal and just plain NICE. I own a 80 dollar set with gentle rowels, I love them to pieces, and I'll never need to buy another pair, ever. The difference (I think) between spurs that cost less is the metal and weight. Cheaper spurs have to be somewhat tight on the boot, or they pop up and get stuck. Heavier spurs are made to be loose and they rest on the boot heel; the weight keeps them always in place.

    Just didn't think that 120$ spurs were such a big deal in the western world. I only wear mine at shows, but I love them and they're more of an item of pride then something I train with.

    Rock grinders, though... you should only be able to purchase those on the black market.

    Smurfette said...

    WOW..." If this package of equipment won't help you train your horse, then it is not worth training". Equipment doesn't train horses, people do!!!

    CHT said...

    "If you need this equipment to train your horse, then you need a different trainer" would be a far better tag line...

    Anonymous said...


    I definitely agree with you on the spurs thing. I own a pair of spurs that are some German brand--I can't remember off hand. Anyway, they are $60 spurs that I got at State Line Tack when there was a sale for $15! What a steal! They definitely are well balanced and I can definitely feel them on my foot and how they are working.

    Plus, when we buy a well-made bit, like a Mylar or a Schleister, then we are buying something that has been researched and correctly built to be well-balanced and have the right effect on the horse. But really, I think the stuff in Cleve's package looks like crap he found off the shelf in a used tack store. It's all just standard made stuff, nothing special about it. Especially that one-piece medium port bit. I have seen those things on those nylon halter bridles you can buy for $40 on Chicks Saddlery!

    Anyway, I just went through and priced all that stuff because I was curious. I really wanted to see how his stuff stacked up against the stuff we can get off-the-shelf. I found it very amusing myself.

    Tuffy Horse said...

    CHT wrote:
    >"If you need this equipment to train your horse, then you need a different trainer" would be a far better tag line...

    This is such a great statement!

    I am mystified as to why people can see trainers jerking, spurring and using crap equipment and still hire them. It's not like it's a big secret that twisted wire bits are not a good thing for a green horse. It's not a big secret that spurring can cause sub-dermal damage. WHY do people still hire these crappy trainers when they see this type of abuse in the warm up pen?

    Tracy M.

    polomom55 said...

    The only thing his Membership Package is going to get you is a membership in Hell for using all his cruel devices and training techniques!


    damsel78 said...

    GD I really hate that I can't even choose to open a link in a new tab so I don't have to keep going back and forth. So frustrating. And it even calls me a thief when I try. Fun.

    Nd_Appy said...

    OMG Seriously? People acttually think he is a "trainer"? OMFG *gags*

    Pipkin said...

    My friend has a trainer, and I had her ride my horse (a young appy). He's a tough, no-nonsense kind of horse, and she jerked and spurred him til I told her to get off. The weird ting is, she has really turned my friend's QH into a lovely ride. But I just couldn't watch her basically kick the shit out of Pip until he "gave" to her, and then have her suggest that he should go in drawreins til he learns I'm the boss. She also suggested lounging him in a 15x15 pen with his lead rope on to teach him manners.

    Yeah, I went with an eventing trainer, who is strict and old fashioned (as in he was in the Mexican Military and rode in the '84 Olympics), but dang, I saw Pip look happy when he was being ridden, not confused and pissed off.

    And the weird thing is, she is super nice, obviously loves horses, is teaching her grandson to ride, but just seems to assume that 2 year olds should be ridden a lot, and that stubborn horses need to be ridden into the fence and spurred to learn respect.


    RoanRider420 said...

    To those who wonder why "ANYONE" would use what they term a "severe bit". Well, I am one of those people who use a bit that you may deem severe. I will explain it to you, as I have to explain it to nearly every single person who sees me bridle my mare up. My mare is a 4 year old (actually she won't be a full four until April). At the end of her 2 year old year I sent her to a trainer. I had watched this person ride several times, none of her horses seemed to be abused, they looked happy, clean and fat. Best of all, it was half an hour from my home, so I could visit her every single day. My horse began to have SEVERE behavioural problems after 5 months. To the point that she was virtually unrideable. It was only after I switched to another trainer who happened to train out of the same barn that I found out what had been done to my sweet mare when I was not there (I could not be there every minute of the day, you know). She had been put into draw reins, head cranked down to her chest and spurred and spurred. Head tied around and left in the arena. Draw reins tied up to the saddle horn and left in the arena. All of this in a fat smooth snaffle, and it damaged her mouth so severely that she begins to shake if you even put a snaffle in her mouth. I was heartbroken, crushed, that I had unknowingly allowed this to happen to my best friend. Luckily my new trainer was able to repair the damage that was done to her mind, and I now maintain her at home. She has AQHA points in western pleasure, halter and showmanship. I can ride her in a halter, I can ride her in a bosal, I can ride her in a big correction or cathedral bit. But I can never again ride her in a snaffle. The big bits give her tongue somewhere to go, up into the port. The snaffle traps her tongue and traps her mind. When I'm riding her, all I need do is lift my hand a bit and squeeze with my legs and she knows this is her cue to lift her front end a bit and round up her back. She is never jerked on or spurred on, and I have no doubt that if I did those things, she would gleefully kill me. Believe me, when I brought her home from training and moved to my new boarding barn, I was terrified that they would all think I was some cruel, abusive western pleasure person when they saw her big bits. Especially since she is still, really, a baby horse. I had to tell her story over and over again to make them understand why she cannot wear a snaffle, not even for a trail ride (yes, I DO trail ride my show horse!). I realize that her story is not the norm, but I just wanted you all to know that not EVERYONE who uses a big bit is a horse abuser.

    Trojan Mouse said...


    What you're describing is retraining a horse with severe problems brought on by trainer stupidity.

    I'm sure though that you wouldn't recommend "starting" a horse with those kinds of bits. Mr. Wells' kit has the severe bits on hand the start the horse, not retrain it.


    CutNJump said...

    This fucking abusive asshole, piece of shit, dick lick is also on the left hand side bar of the Quarter Horse Directory.

    What a waste of sperm he is.

    He is proof of the one time his Daddy shoulda pulled out early.

    horsegirl said...

    i e-mailed the horsemans mall site, and the response was very quick that they were waiting for his meeting with the professionals horsemans association on the 17th, as if any meeting or explaining can justify this "training". did anyone else get a similair response?

    Anonymous said...

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    john mister said...

    first of all this is going to all you dip shits out there. training equipment we use is not what you make it out to be. haven't you ever heard a tool is only as good or bad as the person using it. and how many of you are SUCCESSFUL horse trainers? i feel like there aren't very many hands raised. well before you go off pointing fingers and going after people you win a few world championships, i'd even except just one big win at an american quarter horse sanctioned show.

    Kellie said...

    I am an english show rider from england, i own and show my own pony and find all off this blog very interesting. I have to agree with RoanRider420, my pony mare goes so much better in a more severe bit, not because i jank her into submission but because i only have to use a light contact. If i ride her in a snaffle she leans on it pulling me and no matter how much i have tried to lighten her she will still do it. I end up pulling harder so i much prefer to put a stronger bit and use less pressure.
    I cannot however understand how that man can call that package a training package, i have started many youngsters and they ALWAYS wear a snaffle. I find it hard to think why some people on this blog start their babies at 2yrs old, we never start a baby until it is 3 or 4 as there so delicate at that age. A horse needs time to grow mentally and physically before it has the hard task of learning to be a ridden animal. It is barbaric to think of these poor babies mouthing twisted wire to show them how to move from one place to another, a plain snaffle, kind hands, patience and time will produce a horse without any problems. I would never buy or use that equipment, fancy saying its suitable for a beginner or youngster!! He should of written 'HOW TO FUCK UP YOUR HORSE'