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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PSSM: Breeding for a defect

Wow, some complete asshat just tried to hack my Blogger account. Probably the same stupid bitch that emailed me griping because her horse is on one of the PSSM lists. Hacking is a federal offense stupid, blogger has been notified!

PSSM: Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy

For those of you that haven’t heard of it PSSM is the new HYPP in the stock horse industry. It’s a genetic defect found in many breeds, but is easily traceable within the stock horse industry to certain sires and dams. It’s a genetic defect that is largely being ignored because, like HYPP, it is silent, doesn’t cause gaping wounds, can be covered up with drugs and can be managed, if the horse is fed properly. PSSM has gone by many names: Monday Morning Sickness, Tying up, Azoturia. It’s actually a disease that has been discussed and documented for a long time. But until recently there wasn’t a genetic test for it, and people were unsure of how it was inherited. That’s all about to change.


PSSM is now testable and should be part of every breeder’s priorities.

It is a defect!

It does cause the horse pain.

It can be managed, but having a “managed” life is not always a surety with a horse.

Producing more horses with this painful defect is irresponsible and unethical.

If you have a PSSM stallion geld it.

If you have a PSSM mare either spay it or make the commitment not to breed it.

You can find testing information here:

Animal Genetics Lab

What does PSSM look like? It looks painful and it looks like a problem. Don’t ignore the symptoms and don’t think that just because you haven’t seen it your horse doesn’t have it.

PSSM Discussion

Ethical breeders like Jan Taylor of Taylor Made Appaloosa and Loretta Grossett of LL Appaloosas are testing everything and working hard to educate breeders. There are a few facebook groups about PSSM that are worth joining.

Faces of PSSM

Pros and Cons of PSSM

So which lines are showing a prevalence of PSSM? Sadly it’s some of the hottest sire lines in the AQHA, ApHC and APHA.

Three Bars

Joe Hancock

Zippo Pine Bar


It’s sad to note that the Appaloosa sire Dreamfinder is being found in so many PSSM horses’ pedigrees. The correlation is too great to ignore. If you own a Dreamfinder horse get it tested, and if it’s positive don’t breed it!

Horses that are PSSM positive.

The Spin Doctor (APHA)

Moneyman (APHA)

Jacs Little Pine (AQHA)

Hooray for Dun It (AQHA)

Smartys A Playboy (AQHA)

Dun It Olena (AQHA)

Chief Hollywood Doc (AQHA) (Dam is tested and is PSSM positive)

Custom Blackberry (AQHA)

Alias Goer King (ApHC)

Predestined (ApHC)

An Awesome Secret (ApHC)

Indelible Image (ApHC)

Mannog Moonshadow (ApHC)

MARES that are PSSM positive tested:

MS Chorus Line (AQHA)

RJG Cash N Time (AQHA)

Imps Bay Solano (AQHA)

Riata Lena (AQHA)

Uniquely Destined (ApHC): (Sire is tested and is PSSM positive)

Tiptoe Dazzelena (ApHC)

Mels Daydream Believer (ApHC)

Kelo S Bright Star (ApHC)

Jetsets Miss Maid (ApHC)

Gowin For Perfection (ApHC)

Haverlands Panache (ApHC)

Sienna Sun Dream (ApHC) (sire has yet to be tested)

Berach Winter Blossom (AAA)

Yallawa My Kinda Maid (AAA)

Nanehla Leo Bar (APHA)

GELDINGS that are PSSM positive tested:

Risky Investment (ApHC)

Noble Destiny (ApHC)(Sire is tested and is PSSM positive)

Yallawa Lifetime Dream (AAA) (Tested out P1/P1)

Yallawa Playful Times (AAA)

Cayuga (Paint)

Pepp Dolena Sun (APHA) (Blood tested PSSM positive)

Art on The Rocks (AQHA)(Stallion is tested PSSM n/n)

Gators Leaguer (AQHA)

Ghost Town CJ (AQHA)(Dam is tested PSSM positive)

Surenuff Two Much (AQHA)

IMA Bricks Top Jac (AQHA)

White Goldpine (AQHA)

An Invious Decision (AQHA)

This list of PSSM positive horses will grow as long as people keep breeding and not testing. It is a fundamental shame of the horse industry that they will not remove a genetically defective line as long as it is winning in the show ring. HYPP could have been wiped out in one generation, but greed and a complete lack of ethics has kept it going 20 years after Impressive was outed. I hope people will take a proactive stance on PSSM and try to eradicate it from the stock horse industry. Ask before you breed, ask before you buy. If an owner won’t disclose PSSM status then walk away. Once the demand for these horses is zero then people will quit producing them.

Isn't this cute, I'm already getting threats of legal action for posting the list of horses! Well the truth hurts!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Randy Byers, certifiable John Lyons trainer

Usually I ignore the natural horsemanship trainwhores. They don't show and there abuse is more focused in the round pen and expo than the show ring and warm up pen. But awhile back Fugly Horse of the Day outed this idiot and I wanted to do a follow up after a rash of posts on an Arabian horse forum. Evidently Mr. Byers is not only a horse abuser he's a international criminal.
He's no longer listed on the John Lyons' site as a trainer John Lyons Homepage

This was posted on the Arab forum, looks like someone is in trouble!

Randy Byers is NO LONGER a Lyons Certified Trainer, due to his unscrupulous training techniques.
Randy Byers is NO LONGER a Royal Champion Supplements Endorser due to his unfair treatment of horses.
Randy Byers is in jail in Canada up on 3 counts of contravening the Immigration and Customs Act. Evading Customs, Failing to Report to Customs, and Failing to report for Examination. This IS PUBLIC INFORMATION. Call the Courthouse at 519-333-2950.
He has been incarcerated since Sept 8th. His first video court appearance was Sept. 20, his second video appearance is Sept 22 at the Sarnia Courthouse, presumably to face more charges.
Now....would you like any more proof of his horse beating????
I'll invite some of his victims on here, and you can hear their testimonies.
Fugly was right.

Looks like he needs to stay in jail. Pity they can't let the other prisoners bend him over and ride him like he did this horse.

Natural Whoremanship is NOT the way to train your horse! Don't let these money hungry jerks ruin your horse's productive life by creating these bad habits.