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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ignorance abounds, and we know just where to find it.

Just had to share this with the readers.

Fugly Wench of the Day

Evidently there is a "wench" that is upset about the FHOTD blog, and this one, as well as ticky tack, Ihateyourhorse, etc. Guess all of us horse people with opinions that don't meet the PC definition are her targets. We cuss, we get sarcastic, we snark.

We are BAD people because we reveal the sordid ugly side of the horse industry, and we don't do it in a hearts and flowers manners. We lack unicorns and wood sprites on our blogs and don't advocate treating everyone like soft delicate little bunnies. Instead we are blunt, sarcastic and very in favor of the death penalty for horse abusers, whether the back yard breeder, or big name trainer. Shame on us!

After reading through some of the comments several things became clear. Most of the whiners agreeing with her blog had been ripped apart either here or on fugly. Most showed their lack of reading comprehension by commenting that the drug post here was wrong, because horses need those drugs. Horses do need the drugs sometimes, I've never said otherwise. They need them at home, under the supervision of a vet, while getting rest and healing. They do not need drugs in order to show. Shows don't matter to the horse. He really doesn't care if he ever goes to one. He may like going new places, but a horse really has no idea what place he gets, or what purpose it serves. He'd rather get a carrot than a ribbon and since most horses don't have checking accounts a monetary prize means nothing to them. Shows are for people's egos, not horses' well being.

So I read this whiny blog and the comments and had a good laugh. It thoroughly justified my viewpoint that their needs to be an IQ test required before someone is allowed to own a horse, or a computer. It also comfirmed my belief that the horse industry has enough enablers in it to continue to spiral downward. Idiots about, whiners unite.

Thanks for the laugh Wench! I know I shouldn't pick on handicapped people, but you really do make it too easy.