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I have a request for my readers: If you have successfully rehabbed a show horse, or gotten a rescue and taken it on to a show career then let me know, I'd love to feature you here!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ignorance abounds, and we know just where to find it.

Just had to share this with the readers.

Fugly Wench of the Day

Evidently there is a "wench" that is upset about the FHOTD blog, and this one, as well as ticky tack, Ihateyourhorse, etc. Guess all of us horse people with opinions that don't meet the PC definition are her targets. We cuss, we get sarcastic, we snark.

We are BAD people because we reveal the sordid ugly side of the horse industry, and we don't do it in a hearts and flowers manners. We lack unicorns and wood sprites on our blogs and don't advocate treating everyone like soft delicate little bunnies. Instead we are blunt, sarcastic and very in favor of the death penalty for horse abusers, whether the back yard breeder, or big name trainer. Shame on us!

After reading through some of the comments several things became clear. Most of the whiners agreeing with her blog had been ripped apart either here or on fugly. Most showed their lack of reading comprehension by commenting that the drug post here was wrong, because horses need those drugs. Horses do need the drugs sometimes, I've never said otherwise. They need them at home, under the supervision of a vet, while getting rest and healing. They do not need drugs in order to show. Shows don't matter to the horse. He really doesn't care if he ever goes to one. He may like going new places, but a horse really has no idea what place he gets, or what purpose it serves. He'd rather get a carrot than a ribbon and since most horses don't have checking accounts a monetary prize means nothing to them. Shows are for people's egos, not horses' well being.

So I read this whiny blog and the comments and had a good laugh. It thoroughly justified my viewpoint that their needs to be an IQ test required before someone is allowed to own a horse, or a computer. It also comfirmed my belief that the horse industry has enough enablers in it to continue to spiral downward. Idiots about, whiners unite.

Thanks for the laugh Wench! I know I shouldn't pick on handicapped people, but you really do make it too easy.


Kendra said...

I clicked on over to check it out (what can I say, I enjoy a good trainwreck...)...jeez louise. Does this Wench person not get how pathetic she comes off? I mean really...if you don't like a blog/blogger, just don't read. DUH!

I guess she was just jealous of all the attention that you and Fugly and the other blogs mentioned are getting. And like one commenter over there said...if she's against you and Fugly and the others, who are against horse abuse, poor training methods, and other acts against animals, then that must mean she's for those bad practices. Lovely. What a loser.

Beckz said...

To be honest I liked her blog. It was merely pointing out the do as I say not as I do that you get with fugly. But without the swearing. She never said that she condones horses abuse.

I fully agree that the evils of the horse world need to be exposed. Far better though to educate using facts and information rather than ragging on someone because they have striped tights and a turquiose saddle.

I have learnt a lot from many of the posts of this blog. I don't know why you would even lower yourself to discussing this Wench if you think she is so misinformed. Surely it would be better to just keep doing what you are doing?

roanhorse said...

Oh dear, Kendra darling and the rest of the ignoramuses....Jealous, not, the Wrenches cause is something that you emotional, overwraught dweebs are unable of comprehending. Those in the animal rescue business, rehab business, etc., have been at it longer than that attention seeking nitwit has ever been. She's in it for the glory and the money, from her sponsors, as anything founded in "fact" is as thin as shit slipping from a goose.

Sadly, the Troll, Cathy isn't held as in high regard as you think she is. Those in the know, once they've figured that bimbo out have had huge laughs at her expense and those of her minions. YOU and the rest of you ILK are losers. You're welcome dahrrrlling.

Trojan Mouse said...


>Jealous, not, the Wrenches cause is something that you emotional, overwraught dweebs are unable of comprehending.

Wrenches? She's a tool now? My guess is she's one of those cheapy ones you can buy at Dollar General.

I am far from overwrought. I'm calm and quite eloquent, unlike her spastic ramblings where she reveals her "picked on in the school yard" child mentality.

"Ohh Cathy is soooo mean. Oh Jean is so mean. They cuss on their blogs! wah, wah, wah."

Whooptity fucking do!

Cathy must be held in higher regard than "wrenches" because her FHOTD blog was cited in Horse and Rider as a resource. Haven't seen any mention of the "wrenches" blog anywhere but on the toliet paper I wiped my ass with this morning. That's when I finally saw "wrenches'" face and now I can spot her in a police line-up.

What we comprehend is that you and your ILK have a hard time facing the blunt truth and want your little heart-shaped world and blue smurfette friends to be unmolested by the reality of the horse industry.

Why don't you actually try to help horses by getting drugs and abuse banned, instead of wasting your time bitching about me? My guess is that it's more important to you to keeping those whining muscles flexed than to actually get off of your ass and do something proactive.


roanhorse said...

Trojan dear heart or would "used condom" suit you?...yes, the idiot's blog was mentioned in "Horse and Rider" and later rescinded in H&R blog.

You don't comprehend a damn thing...we however see another minion who is unable to stand on her own two feet without direction from a mental. Ahh how little you do know of any one's experience who posts on this blog and by making such retarded bullshit statements you expect us to be impressed, hardly. Most of us are aware of the difference between right and wrong and we don't depend on this retard to tell us what to do. However, you do.

Cathy held in "higher" regard...by whom? Malcontents and misfits?

While you "wipe your ass" with toilet paper..I question that... consider your mouth which requires a solid douching to make comprehendable statements. You my dear are reject from the real world. Just another drone.

Dollar store? You, no doubt, can be had for far less than that on the local street corner. No doubt a cheap promise and you'll drop like a rock. Bet you're a total fatt ass to boot. What a picture.

Trojan Mouse said...

roan horse,

It is very apparent by the lack of comprehesion on your part, and the fact you simply cannot accept the reality that you are more of a minion than any of the readers here, (since you are one of "wrenches" pet tape worms) that you really don't get the fact that Cathy and I don't give a flying fuck what you and your "oh so put upon" turdlings think.

While unleashing your bile at me in some way makes up for the fact that your parents mistreated you, and even your fleas hold you in low regard, nothing you say can change the fact that this blog, and others like it, actually make a difference in the world, and you do nothing but steal oxygen that many plants work tirelessly to produce.

The fact that you come here to bolster poor "wrenches" (she of the huge, well-used socket and many mechanical parts) shows how insecure and, dare I say, ignorant you are. You produce nothing but methane, something we already have millions of dairy cows doing. You serve no purpose other than to let others practice their typing skills, while laughing at your inanities.

Truly, this blog serves the purpose of outing the wrong doers of the show world, you do nothing but take up space better utilized storing old 8 track tapes.
Perhaps I should create a blog just for you, and people like "wrenches" ( she of the rubber covered handled and hole in her head) and call it "Shameonthestupidfuckingwhinersoftheworld.blogspot.com".

You must be the bastard child of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. This has to be the reason you whine at decibels that make the dogs howl and moles vacate the lawn. Your pompousness in believing people actually give a shit about your opinion leads me to believe that in your spare time you have an entire village of playskool people you lord it over, making their little cylindrical plastic bodies do demeaning things like holding your toes apart as you apply your hearts and flowers appliques to your toenails. Or perhaps you stick them in other places, something has to be used to fill up that big empty space.

And as you sink to the lowest common denominator of insults, such as calling someone a fat ass, it only solidifies the already known fact that you are nothing more than a frustrated immature dolt with no hope of advancing beyond that state. What next? Yo Momma jokes? Racist comments? The idea boggles the mind. You really shouldn't use weight as an insult. People can always diet and get thin, you sadly will remain stupid until the day you die. Fat can be sucked out, brain cells can't be implanted. Your bad luck.

And just so you get one fact straight: I've been on the internet since the first Prodigy and Compuserve horse lists came out. I survived the horse newsgroups on USENET, where moderation doesn't exist. So don't lump me in as being anyone's follower. I own the two most successful equine political lists out there, and they've been in existance longer than blogging has been around. You and the "wrench" hadn't even cut your teeth on internet equine lists when I started up.


The Wenchster said...

Trojan Mouse said...I own the two most successful equine political lists out there, and they've been in existance longer than blogging has been around.

Yes I'm sure you do. And I own Never Never Land and am Peter Pans mum.
So you survived Usenet. Big deal. Thats much like me saying that I survived Woodstock.

Trojan Mouse said...

Wenchster or Wrenchster,

So the big socket driver has finally shown up.

I'm sure you did survive woodstock, your writing reflects this, your "peace, love and joy" attitude (read thin-skin, spaced out brain) gives it veracity.

Perhaps you should have stayed on your 'srooms' instead of whining on a public blog how the big, bad, mean, horse people were trashing your dumb ass.

Why don't you put a statement on your blog that reads " We really don't care what anyone does to a horse as long as they speak nicely and don't use sarcasm".

Tito, get me a tissue.

Looks like you don't like getting some of the medicine you dish out. The difference is that people actually read this blog for content. They look at yours to get a laugh at how the whiners of the world behave. Don't be mean, don't be snarky, and whatever you do don't reveal the dark dirty secrets in the horseworld.
My guess is that you're one of those sorry-assed rescues that Cathy outed and you're pissed about it. From your horse's photo you obviously missed "judging conformation" day at horse owner's school. And like Horse 101 (who cannot read for content) you think that it's okay to drug horses because some of them need it.

Wow, Wenchster the bad-ass, she created a blog to diss Cathy and now she takes issue with my blog because I cuss. Oh my fucking goodness, how will I ever survive the shame?

Tell you want socket driver, when you get any of the shit in the horse industry to stop by being pleasantly passive just let us know. It hasn't happened yet. Every abuse I've cited here has been debated, written up, litigated and trashed in public. Being Miss Congeniality isn't going to get a damn thing done in the big organizations because they are run by the very people committing the abuses.

As long as horses are being abused in the showring I'll run this blog, because it serves a purpose. Your blog does nothing but exercise the few brain cells you have, and gives you some petty feeling of superiority by trashing FHOTD and other blogs that try to make a difference. Wooohooo, you're now appointed Queen of the Dip Shits. Wear your crown with pride.


bhm said...

The Wrench and her followers are angry because they were featured on fugly. This is easy to solve. Don't act like idiots and then fugly will leave you alone. Ta da! Problem solved.

There are so many things wrong with Wrench that could spend all day listing them. The main problem is their poor quality information. Every point is some trumped up, twisted pontification of misinformation. Yes, I truly believe that someone there did survive Woodstock and hasn't come down from their acid trip yet.

GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicely dun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicely dun said...

I enjoy all of these "troll" blogs. They are informative, and unforgiving of any asshat that might approach.
I think the only reason one would find a need to create a blog based on OTHER BLOGS is pure envy. They must be GREEN with it.
Oh well, wench, or WRENCH is probably getting lots of attention now. And I can bet its not all too positive.
TJM, kudos to YOU.

Trojan Mouse said...

Nicely Dun,

>Oh well, wench, or WRENCH is probably getting lots of attention now. And I can bet its not all too positive.

When you think about it, being featured on Cathy's blog and this blog are probably the two most significant events in her life. It's obvious she can't accomplish anything on her own, because her blog (read life) is based on spending all her time dissing another person, ad nauseum, and making no effort to do better herself.

I thought I was going to fall out of my chair laughing when she said the slaughterhouses got closed because of petitions. What a joke. The slaughterhouses got closed by a very well funded and almost terroristic campaign by PETA and HSUS. They had videotapes, photos, inflated stories, outright lies, supposed studies and all kinds of stuff. Petitions don't cost millions of dollars to implement and carry out, shutting down the slaughter houses did.


Amy said...

Wow. Too much time on everyone's hands, and too much drama. Trolls do love the attention. Ignore them and they go away.

Tuffy said...


My guess is that you're one of those sorry-assed rescues that Cathy outed and you're pissed about it. From your horse's photo you obviously missed "judging conformation" day at horse owner's school. And like Horse 101 (who cannot read for content) you think that it's okay to drug horses because some of them need it.
I'm not here to defend anyone, but after reading all the way through her blog and this is embarrassing, but I am a self proclaimed Yahoo Answer addict....I don't think she was ever featured on fugly. A person on Yahoo answers did claim to be the wench and that person that said that has always given great advice.
I don't think it's fair for you to start picking on her horse. How many of us have little ugly packers in our barns? And when I went through her blog I found the pictures of the horse you're making fun of...he's almost 33 and he is rather cute. Anyone that has a horse in his 30 that looks like him probably won't be featured on fugly.


I don't agree with everything she says on her blog and from reading comments not everyone there does either. She also said she is against horse abuse so I don't see everyone keeps trying to put up the if you're against these blogs then you're pro- animal abuse.
It's probably a blog that I won't care to follow, I don't really follow this one either. But I do feel that both of you have made very valid points. I don't see why you are causing such a big fuss about it though. You also said that people read your blog for content, but you and wench are both registered on horsetraffic...if your blog is making such a difference and so powerful how come you haven't even cracked top 20 on horse traffic. I am a billing supervisor so have a lot of free time during the day and go from message board to message board. From what I've seen, alot of people like and agree wenches blog and it's not just the people that are commenting on there. From what I've seen a lot more people than you think echo her concerns of educating before bashing or going out for a witch hunt. I don't see why people keep attacking each other personally..roanhorse, bhm, tm... everyone keeps pulling out insults calling each other names including ones that many would find offensive. From what many on wench said, wench is battling breast cancer...I would consider that a handicap and I'm sure many people would feel upset if they see that peoply are basically saying handicapped are stupid people. That may not have the intended use. Just because they don't agree with everything either blog does doesn't mean they are stupid or have been featured on them. And from being on the free speech board and lurking I've seen several of these people that answer on both yours and fuglys blog aren't any better than a back yard breeder...but because they agree with cathy they don't get called out.
For someone who claims to be so powerful in the horse world I figured you would be happy that she featured you so you could get people here to read your blog.

LuvMyTBs said...

Holy Crap is it just me or do others scratch their heads and wonder why people who do nothing but rant,whine and bitch on these blogs just don't get it,stop reading and posting ,or simply just GO AWAY!!!

A.I find this blog to be interesting,informative and opinionated which is exactly why I read it as well as FHoTD.

B.Call me crazy but people who do actually want to stop abusive,cruel and careless equine practices very much want to be heard and spread the messages to help horses...period.

roanhorse said...

Trojan or was it Condom...you're no end of entertainment. Such a wordsmith...methane? You no doubt, are meth driven. Your assumptions are that we care...we don't. And, by the way, no one gives a shit about your equine political lists, blah blah blah...since you've been in the political sewer for so long, standing upright would be a challenge for you. Fatt Ass.

You're such a hypocrite...and we're to be intimidated by the likes of you, hardly. You're still a minion; anyone who promotes the "Fugly" as a blog with worthwhile information is simply delusional. No two ways about. You're part of the evil sickness that permeates this country as are the fugly followers who, no doubt, were weaned from the nipple at a too early age.

Something must account for their very skewed thinking and yours. You have little horse experience; any experience you do have is taken with your narcissistic bullshit and your common place thinking.

You've little to contribute other than your inane remarks and witticisms..your time would be better spent with those community rejects of the "Fugly" column. No doubt you've been "outed" previously and will be again.....

Nicely dun said...

I don't understand where this drama came from. It's not really anybodys problem, its just words in cyberspace...But I've found this blog (shameinthehorseshowring) to be incredibly informative. While not ALL icelandic riders crank their ponies heads up, SOME REALLY DO. While SORING does exist, not everyone does it. THis blog just puts that info OUT there. I for one had no idea that things such as "soring" existed, that's not my realm of the horse world. I think it's sick, but I also think that ANYBODY, even someone NOT experienced with horses, can research this stuff and spew it out. Just because someone isn't "in" with horses doesn't mean that they cannot be knowledgable on the subject.
I don't recall anybody being "personally bashed" on this blog(but I might have missed it. I'm not completely AVID), until fugly wench came along. Looking from the outside in, it almost sounds like the people here doing the bashing MUST be hiding some kind of shame in the methods they have personally used. I of course don't know this for sure, nor do I give a shit, as long as the HORSES are healthy and not being abused.
This is just silly. "battle of the blogs." I also read Ihateyourhorse and Fuglyhorseoftheday, that doesn't make me a minion. I take interest in anything horse related, and maybe one of my reasons for that is because horses dont get all bitchy when you disagree with them-not verbally anyway.
La dee da
Have a nice day

polomom55 said...

WOW--this is better than Jerry Springer!!
My guess is that FUGLY must have "outed" Wench on some issue.
BTY Wenchster and Roanhorse, whats your opinion on horse slaughter? I'm taking bets!

GoLightly said...

Jeeez, my keyboard just got all slimey again..



Serendipity said...

I went to check that blog out, and the best thing I could say was the author was more literate than the majority of trolls that show up on FHotD. She also seems to lack any reading comprehension: mistaking one of the COB's pictures for the VLC, and later claiming that Fugly's account of the first yearling she worked with in the 80s was Bullwinkle being uncontrollable. Kind of hard to be convincing when you tout how dumb you are without any prodding.

It's pretty clear it's just an anti-Cathy blog, and a little stalkerish. I don't know if the author is just butt-hurt that she was exposed as abuser/asshat, but I could write a better Anti-FHotD. And I agree with Fugly at least 80% of the time.

Trainer X said...

Love us or hate us we're here to stay!!!

I Hate Your Horse

Serendipity said...

Tinfoil hats and pie, all around. I'll start making the Bad Days, if someone with a blender can handle the margaritas.

Trainer X said...

Oh I will bring a blender!!

Tuffy said...

Serendipity. I just reread that bullwinkle section and I didn't see any place where she stated that bullwinkle was cathy's first yearling horse back in the 80s. for someone saying that other people lack reading comprehension you sure did just take the pick.
take it as you want but I have a hard time believing that anyone with a 33 year old horse that looks like that was outed on fugly horse. it just seems to me that everyone wench and trojan included is just trying to find faults in each other and when the whole "your ignorant" comments don't work then appearance and other names start getting called.
Just because people don't agree with how certain things are written doesn't mean they are against the cause. I don't like the way that any of these blogs are written but I'm still against slaughter and animal abuse.

Serendipity said...

Cry moar, Tuffers. I'm not referring to 'the cause', and I only care about how something is written insomuch as it doesn't make my eyes bleed. Why are you so selective in where you used the 'shift' key? Did certain letters piss you off?

I'm referring to the post on Jan 24th, where she quoted the piece that Fugly started talking about Bullwinkle, and then went on to talk about learning to longe yearlings. Right after giving that as an example, Wrench went on to accuse her of covering up Bullwinkle's behavior as normal baby stuff. If she wasn't mistaking a flashback for a current event, then her content was incorrectly arranged to indicate such. The reason you didn't see "Bullwinkle was her first yearling back in the 80s," was because it wasn't there. I think you might also need to go back to grammar class and review how syntax works. Paragraph arrangement for clarity, maybe how to recognize proper nouns?

And stop withholding capitalization from some of the letters in the alphabet. You're going to make them sad!

Carrie Giannandrea said...

You know, the sheerest form of flattery is to be copied!

For those who "reveal" the truth in any industry, there are always going to be naysayers!

Keep up the good work TJ!

Carrie Giannandrea
Dances with Horses
Formula One Farms

Tuffy said...

serendipity...sorry my keyboard is missing the punch key for the two shifts so sometimes it's hit and miss. I basically have to beat the holy hell out of my keyboard to get upper case.

I still don't see why you're getting arguementative with me. I went back and reread everything from that date and before again and all I'm seeing is that you are the only one that is trying to say that wench isn't comprehending. If you didn't see she put little ~~~ in front of the beginning of each quote from cathys blog and I even went in to read cathys very large colt blog where cathy was stating in the comment section that it's normal colt behavior even after bullwinkles owner stated that she's scared of bullwinkle and even had other people try to work with him with no success.

honestly thinking now, I don't see why I even try explaining. it seems that people from all these blogs...shame in the horse, fugly, and wench will try and pick apart anything if you don't agree or prove them stupid. it's like talking to a rock. I'm going back to play on howrse where theres no conformaty.

Anonymous said...

I did have some respect for this blog until this post.

The whole thing is immature. Why make an entire post about it if you did not care?

Psychotic Raccoon said...

That's really sad that she has a blog exclusively to berate another blogger. It's like she's got nothing better to do with her free time.

I did get a good laugh out of it, though.

Anonymous said...

roanhorse said:

You're part of the evil sickness that permeates this country as are the fugly followers who, no doubt, were weaned from the nipple at a too early age.

OMG, you are so right! Those of us who are trying to help others, share knowledge, and expose abusers and the horse show industry for what it is are DEFINITELY the reason why our country has so many problems! It's not money-hungry politicians or a media that forces certain views down our throats, or the fact that we live in an I WANT IT NOW society and no one has respect for anyone else anymore...no no no, it is WE, those who follow FHOTD, SITHSR, and other such blogs that are helping make this evil.


Tuffy said:

am a billing supervisor so have a lot of free time during the day and go from message board to message board.

Must be nice to slack off and get paid for it. Some of us actually have to WORK for a living.

Okay, in all seriousness....

Nicelydun said,

I for one had no idea that things such as "soring" existed, that's not my realm of the horse world. I think it's sick, but I also think that ANYBODY, even someone NOT experienced with horses, can research this stuff and spew it out.

Not necessarily. My research about the sore horse industry spans almost a decade, and it was hard to get the information I did. You can't just spew it out because of the risks involved. Until you have LIVED the sore horse industry, like several of my close friends have, you have absolutely NO IDEA what cruelty these animals go through. The stories I have heard go way beyond the abuse horses like Photoshopped-Ass and $am (from Fugly) suffered. At least they are now free, whether dead or not--the sored TWHs suffer from 14 months old until the day they die. The Icelandics deal with hard hands, weird bits and riders riding on their kidneys while bending their necks backwards, but at least they're not standing in contraptions in their stalls to force pain into their body to make them step higher and lively in the show ring. I have only had a taste of what it's all about as I believed the lies and saw it happen right in front of me, but I'm glad I never was exposed to the real torture back at the barns.

I have A LOT of "ins" in the sore horse industry, and I have so much information on it that I could fill 100 blogs. However, a lot of the information I cannot divulge because I could get sued, my friends could get sued, and lives are at stake. Make no mistake: PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KILLED OVER SORING. Horses have been killed, barns have been burned down. I equate soring to cock fighting and dog fighting--the industry thrives on the continued suffering and torture of these animals.

So, overall, I don't believe anyone can just spew out any information. To do it right and to do it well, you have to be able to know how to research and to keep your information up-to-date. Fugly and TJM are doing just that. Their information is researched in depth, is correct about 95% of the time, they are always open to people sending corrections if needed, and they give us updates.

Overall, wrenchy/wenchy/wtf-ever obviously needs attention, and by pointing the finger at someone else, she detracts attention from herself and tries to make herself look like the good guy. Personally, I have better blogs to read than her showing just how pathetic she really is by having to bash on someone else to make her look good.

Also, TJM: AWESOME way to snark on roanhorse's weird use of the English language! I could almost hear you say, "Are you finished? Well then allow me to retort!", Samuel L. Jackson style! Cracked me up!

For the Tennessee Walking Horse
When the Painted Horse Comes
The Murder of the English Language

Tuffy Horse said...

Oh NO! There is another Tuffy here!. Hope we're not wearing the same dress.

For the record I'm the good Tuffy with the Horse Diary blog, not the evil wrenchlet Tuffy.

Tracy M ,
Tuffy Horse since 1996

JJ said...

I agree with DressageinJeans.

You have a good blog going here; you show a lot of the abusive techniques going on in the show ring that people may not know about otherwise...But why the sudden bout of immaturity?

It isn't so much that you posted the link - it is the way that you are replying to some of these comments. Instead of maturely debating why this blog is good, you and most of the other commenters have gone down to the insult level. And, honestly? What good does insulting her do? She isn't going to delete her blog, or say she's sorry for putting you up on it...You are just going to make an enemy when you could have made a joke and lose respect from people like me and DressageinJeans.

Spurs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spurs said...

Polomom55 if you don't like wench blog then why are you signed up to follow it?

GG said...

It is a shame there isn't an IQ test required before starting a blog. You certainly wouldn't qualify.

GoLightly said...

It seems to be a virus of some sort..
yes, it IS.

I wonder how many good guys are left, sometimes.
I really do.

Let's all say we're good guys, and move on to the point of the blog. Ever heard of point, counter point?
Yeah, it could go on for centuries, or until the power goes off. Or your batteries wear out.

and DIJ, I agree with you.
I'd ignore it, TJM. Not worth it, so not worth it. Feeding them is never healthy.
Anger has no place around horses.
Well, to me anyway. Rational works for me.
Ya think the horses are insensitive, or something? No, they get us, too.

Points should be played for games that MATTER, like the horses health, and well-keeping, and all.
wtf is wrong with that?
oh, right, nothing..
But more traffic is generated.
something is counting..


Hi Kat!
pretty sure we found a good guy,,

Anonymous said...

GL, if you're talking about me as a good guy, then THANK YOU. I try very hard. I have plenty of enemies out there, though. But don't we all? All I know is that the information I have is as sound as what I hope the TWH industry will become, and I believe knowledge is power. The more we know, the better we can fight the bad guys.

If you mean TJM and Fugly, I definitely agree. :)

Oh, and to all, I don't necessarily agree with every single thing TJM an Fugly says. But that's okay--I still find that most of the information they have is accurate and very enlightening. Plus, in the horse world, we can all learn from each other and take bits and pieces that make sense to us and use them. That's another reason why I follow Fugly and TJM.

Thanks, ladies!

Crazy3dayer said...

I spit my drink out. I thought it was joke at first but OMG..she's serious. OhVAY!!!

I've got a belly jiggling laugh going while I type this. (have at it sister!!!)

I really don't understand you gots to be so mean!!! Have a heart! snicker snicker.

Crazy3dayer said...

oh as usual I'm a day late to the party. Got to find a job that allows me more "uncontrolled" internet.

GoLightly said...

Oh, kat,of course.

Of course you are.

My frustration is showing, is all.
Yeah, crazy3dayer, where you been??

To Horses, y'all.
Stay focused, ffs.

Ignore the fools, they will only reap what they sow.
Bile begets more bile.
More vile.

Serendipity said...

GL: One of my favorite quotes goes something like, "Fools are the only people that can absolutely count on getting what they deserve."

That, and, "I am in your base, killing your d00ds."

GoLightly said...

here's a good one.
"Why do you sit there like an envelope without any address on it?"
Mark Twain

courtesy of kestrel

Winchester said...

Looks like someone's feelings were hurt. Why did you even feel the need to post this? And you are calling wenchster hypocritical?! It is really sad when someone lacks that much self confidence that they must get recognition on a forum from strangers to feel that they're opinion is justified. That's exactly what you're doing here. You are pathetic.

GoLightly said...

Winchester, contribute something meaningful, like.

Who does that benefit, oh right, NO-one...

Go brush your horse or something..
Don't ride him though, he is only two..

That's what I noticed, TJM, and believe me, I didn't spend much time there, it's icky. It's like they want drugs, early breaking of babies, and um, oh yeah, DRUGS.
And gelding the VLC, sure seems like a lot of aggravation going on for a couple of testicles, that aren't being used, anyway.

Sorry all, I smell WP fanatics.
I KNOW There are normal WP riders. Too bad they can't comment here...
for some odd reason.
Maybe there really are NONE, as I suspected..

bhm, did you manage to get the slime off your keyboard??
took me ages...

Winchester said...


**And gelding the VLC, sure seems like a lot of aggravation going on for a couple of testicles, that aren't being used, anyway.**

Did you even go to elementary school or did they not teach you how to properly use commas there?

I think you need to get your information right before you go spewing that garbage. The VLC does indeed have foals on the ground so those testies aren't just for decoration hun. If Cathy ISN'T planning on breeding the VLC what's the point in keeping him in-tact? So he can go make some more over at the knee oppsy foals?

Ya know I really could care less if she keeps him in-tact. What bothers me is that it's suddenly OKAY to keep a below average looking, unsuccessful horse a stallion when it's HER horse. I have seen her bash other stallions of the same quality, or lack there of, on her forum. The only difference is that the VLC has color... Woopdy freakin' do.

GoLightly said...

And gelding the VLC? Sure seems like a lot of aggravation going on for a couple of testicles that aren't being used right now anyway.

Edited. OOh, the comma police, I'm so scared:)I know he's bred.
Or I should say, I've read he's

no bred now.

For shame, lighten up..
Talking helps, spewing, not so much..

bhm said...

bhm, did you manage to get the slime off your keyboard??
took me ages...
I have a speshul protection screen for when I venture into uncharted waters. It's one of those use and throw away types. No scraping needed.

I think you're right about the Wrench being WP person. God forbid that anyone stops her from forcing her horse to dragging its nose along the ground. I hear that all that mud on face is good for the complexion. At least that what the WP peeps tell me.

bhm said...

I still think that this a boils down to the wrench being jealous of TM.

secondwindacres said...

Psychotic Raccoon said...
That's really sad that she has a blog exclusively to berate another blogger. It's like she's got nothing better to do with her free time.

I did get a good laugh out of it, though
I just want to know (from another point of view) why it's sad for Wench to berate another blogger but not sad when you're doing the very same thing here?

And I'm in nobody's corner but my own. I neither like nor dislike Wench or Cathy or TM.

And if Wench's blog is an anti-Cathy blog this blog is a copy-Cathy blog. Most of what is featured here is already featured elsewhere, including FHOTD. Again, JMO. And I like reading the info posted here and have been reading for some time, just never posted.

cattypex said...


fuglywench.... are you just an obsessed stalkerfan?

I worked with a woman whose sister-in-law thought she was married to Stephen Sondheim, and would randomly break into his place in NYC, and then cry when the authorities sent her back to Indiana.

Methinks you have similar delusions?

I'm not a Cathyworshipper or Jeanworshipper, though I think that both have plenty of worthy points to bring up, even if I don't agree 100% ALL THE TIME.

Know what?? I don't agree with my HUSBAND 100% ALL THE TIME, and we've been happily married for almost a dozen years now.

In fact, there are a couple of very basic worldview issues upon which we disagree, and we STILL love each other and have a great time.

Same goes for 2 of my very bestest and oldest friends.

Dude, they are BLOGGERS. They are NOT your FRIENDS, LOVERS or ANYTHING to your REAL LIFE, besides sources of information, commentary and education.

Remember the kicker line in the movie Labyrinth: "YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME."

cattypex said...

"You have a good blog going here; you show a lot of the abusive techniques going on in the show ring that people may not know about otherwise...But why the sudden bout of immaturity?"

Maybe this is just a good place to stash the trolls so we can get on with our regularly scheduled programming... after all, show season is just around the corner!!

Trojan Mouse said...

Secondwind acres wrote:
>Most of what is featured here is already featured elsewhere, including FHOTD. Again, JMO. And I like reading the info posted here and have been reading for some time, just never posted.

UHHHH no. About the only thing that overlapped was the Cleve Wells stuff. Cathy and I share very different views on equitation, slaughter and other issues. She hasn't mentioned drugging, that I've seen, Icelandics, or judges. She seems to think that the saddlebred rescue people are great, I think they are part of the problem because they are rehoming into show homes where the abuse continues.

I was bitching about this shit on USENET and yahoo lists before blogger was even a nanobyte in some basement dwelling geek's wet dream.

As for why I did this post, it was just too good to pass up. Sometimes I get tired of sloggin through the research and need a little comedy. Which the Wrench and her merry band of trolls have provided.


scaequestrian said...

My, we are mature aren't we. Heavens people, this blog used to be one of my favorites, I applaud the efforts to end abuse in the show world (especially to my beloved TWHs) but this has taken a real juvenile turn. It swiftly became a mud-slinging, name-calling, middle school brawl.

Calm down folks, opinions are like armpits, we all have some and some may not smell good to others. But, we are entitled to them.

ironfreehorse said...

Hi I am a newbie here.

I may have missed something, I have had a look at the FWotD blog and I actually am not sure what the problem is other than the author of this blog seems to have a major issue with Cathy, the FHotD blogger and is quite angry.

I agree with Scaequestrian we are more mature and have a mission.
The FWotD blogger needs to have a good old rant and if she feels better for it then let it be.

If Cathy is bothered by it I am sure she will do whatever she feels she needs to do.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Gee! I was "outed" on the Fugly wrench and I have a good idea of by whom but really at the end of the day, does it really matter to me? Nope. The truth is so lost on so many posters there.

Apparently when Cathy made the statement about posters being "painfully stupid" I must have missed the memo where I was supposed to make a statement about it. Not that it would have mattered WHAT I said or my position on it, nope everyone had drawn their own conclusions already.

As far as the wrench blog goes, just a crystal clear case of someone who can't make a name for themselves so finding a target and riding their coattails to the top by bitching about them. No more, no less. It is what it is.

izzypie said...

So, by the look of it "The Wench" has two problems with Cathy.

1) According to The Wench, Cathy does not practice what she preaches.

Well, ok, I don't know for sure if that's true. But does it really matter so badly to you that you'll create an entire blog to bitch about it?

2) Cathy stole the Wench's husband?

I heard about that on the grapevine though, so I could be wrong. I didn't feel like wading through all the posts and comments to double check it, but if that is the case then all I can say is: these things happen. Maybe if he hadn't left you for Cathy, he would have left you for someone else anyway? You can't change the past but you can definitely move on!

Oh and FYI, the term Wench was usually used as a slightly derogatory term, don't know if I'd choose that as my blogger name.

Barrelsaddle said...

Been scrolling through this blog's archives and have been VERY impressed and enlightened. Love it. Glad to be here.