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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to screw up a horse in one easy lesson....

We've all heard horror stories about train wrecks, but these videos are first hand accounts of the stupidity that goes on in the horse world. Not all are show related, but they do indicate that the mentality of the horse owning community slips pretty low sometimes. This first video is just horrific. I can't believe people this stupid are let out without keepers.

How fricking stupid do you have to be to hitch up a horse with NO training, no safe fencing, no safe clothing and equipment that belongs in the trash? And then to do this crap in a neighborhood, with kids around, just puts you at the top of the dipshit heap. I really like the segment where you have the kid ride bareback n front of the crazed horse, as he lunges up and down, almost hitting the pony, in his efforts to break free.

Gotta say I love this one:

And the no-riding dumbass on his back should have kept his spurs out of Cutter's sides because he caused the prolonged bad behavior. Looks like your horse doesn't appreciate your sloppy riding and poor handling.

I get the fact that reining has changed from the good old days. I know the "fencing" is an accepted practice. But when did reining horses start to hang their heads like WP horses? And when did the constant jerk and spur become standard? And when did reining trainers stop learning how to actually RIDE a horse? These people look like shit. I wouldn't place them at a local show. No posture, bad legs, horrible hands, the horses look miserable and stiff. Where is the beauty of reining?

These next two videos showcase something that is very wrong with the show system: The warm up pen. Show management better get off their asses and start really monitoring the warm up pens. It's bad in everything from reining to dressage. The two following videos show how awful the riding and treatment are outside of the ring. In my opinion these riders should have been banned from competition.

And WTF is this? You haul so hard on the reins that your horse's tongue turns BLUE? Fricking BLUE!!!! Why wasn't this asshole dragged off that horse and beaten to within an inch of his life? Someone needs to rolkur this jerk for several hours until he learns to ride without his hands holding him on!

Really, there is so much to be ashamed of that happens behind the scenes that we should be ashamed of, but to see this kind of blatant abuse in front of spectators, other competitors and show personnel is disgraceful! It has got to stop!

A huge thank you to epona TV for featuring some of these idiots and refusing to back down from showing abuse!