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Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's about fricking time! Animal Offender Database!

Reported from The Horse.Com

A bill that would create a database registry for animal cruelty offenders convicted in Albany County, N.Y. took a step toward becoming law on Tuesday (Oct. 11) when county lawmakers unanimously passed it. The measure establishes the second county animal offender registry in New York State. In 2010, Suffolk County lawmakers voted to establish a animal abuse offender registry there.

Introduced in September by County Legislator Bryan Clenahan, Local Law "K" requires those convicted of animal cruelty in Albany County to submit their names, addresses, and a photograph to the Albany County Sheriff's Office for inclusion in a county-wide database. Inclusion fees paid by offenders would cover database operation and maintenance costs. The Mohawk and Hudson Humane Society would maintain the database. Offenders who fail to provide information for the database would face penalties including fines.

In addition, breeders, animal shelters, and pet stores operating in the county be required to consult the database before selling an animal or placing an animal into an adoptive home. Under the measure, anyone who sells or places an adopted animal with a registered animal cruelty offender could also face penalties.

Clenahan said that on Oct. 11, members of the Albany County Legislature passed the unanimously measure. The bill now moves on to for approval by County Executive Michael G. Breslin before becoming law.

Mohawk and Hudson Humane Society Executive Director Brad Shear said the measure will ensure that animal welfare organizations operating in the county do not inadvertently place animals with convicted abusers. He would like to see registry requirements expand beyond Albany County.

"In fact, our hope is to see (registration legislation) go statewide," Shear said.

Clenahan said some other New York counties have expressed interest in establishing animal offender registries of their own.

"Albany County Executive Breslin has 10 days to sign the bill. The bill goes into affect 90 days after Breslin's signature.

Let's push to get these registries country wide. And every asshole Big Lick Trainer that gets busted should be on it, as well as any trainer found in violation of drug and abuse rules for competition!

Contact your elected representatives and lets get this registry put in place across America!