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I have a request for my readers: If you have successfully rehabbed a show horse, or gotten a rescue and taken it on to a show career then let me know, I'd love to feature you here!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping for abuse?

I hate to keep beating this poor abused horse, but has anyone else seen this shit?

  • Cleve Wells Training Kit

  • A fricking training kit that doesn’t have anything but twisted wire bits and correctional ports? $650.00 bucks for a do it yourself abuse kit? Is he joking? Has someone actually bought this sorry piece of shit? What happened to plain snaffles, smooth bosals and mild curbs?

  • Cleve Wells Membership Packages

  • Membership packages? Is there really a person in existence that paid $5,000.00 for this asshole to come to their ranch and tell them how to “manage” their equine program? At what point does he show you how to take the horse behind the barn and beat the hell out of it?
    Please tell me that no one has actually shelled out that kind of money to this dirtbag!

  • Cleve Wells Spurs

  • $120.00 bucks for a set of plain spurs? OMFG, who are these marketing geniuses that could actually get people to pay that kind of money? I’ve owned the same set of spurs of 30 years and I think they cost $15.00 when I bought them. Even with inflation they couldn’t cost more than $60.00 to replace.

  • Cleve Wells Rowels

  • Look at the fricking rowels you can order. WTF is up with the rock grinder one?

    All this *crap* can be found at the
  • Horseman's Mall Website

  • I’m sorry but I will never buy anything from this site, or anyone else listed on it, as long as Mr. Wells is on the front page. And the Pleasure Horses.com site that owns it needs to be told very bluntly that their sorry asses should be kicked for even leaving his stuff up. You can email them here and tell them just what you think of having to visit a website that has Mr. Wells’ torture devices for sale.
  • Webmaster Horseman’s Mall
  • Monday, January 19, 2009

    Youtube: Gotta Love It

    I’ve been in the horse world since before the Internet was a gleam in Al Gore’s eye. Back in the old days you heard about people’s good and bad horse training through word of mouth or if there was a big abuse case the newspapers might pick it up. Now, thanks to the Internet, we can instantly see the most horrific riding, training, and handling instantly. No need to perk up our shell like ears to catch the occasional story about a BNT or doltish local trainer.

    Instead we can type in
  • Youtube
  • and get instant proof that it doesn’t take brains, common sense or even the ability to use opposable thumbs to own a horse. Sadly there is no licensing required to hang out a shingle that says “Trainer” on it. Anyone with a barb wire pen and a bridle can claim they are the next best thing. All it takes is one big win and a “trainer” can become the fad of the year.

    Just to start things off on a pleasant note there is this video. I love the Arabian Liberty class.

    I often wonder what would happen if the stock horse industry took up this class. Could you just see the fat, crippled, no-moving halter horses trying to hobble around the ring? Makes my eyes burn to think about it.

    This class is painful enough, and the horses are held to a slow jog as they line up: Weanlings at halter.

    Looks like a bunch of posts just waiting to be strung with wire. If those legs got any straighter the horses would drive themselves into the ground with every stride.

    Western pleasure trainers just appall me. In their own way they are as bad as the Big Lick trainers. They can preach about breeding horses for those flat top lines all they want, but it doesn’t change the fact that no matter how flat they make that horse’s back the legs are still required to move forward and back in order to propel the horse forward. Legs have three joints, but WP horses look like they don't have any joints.

    I almost need a new keyboard after watching that one. The horses move like they have sticks in their legs and the riders look like they are struggling to stay balanced. What is with the “pluck -n- spur” shit? We can tell every time the horse gets a jab.

    Hunter under saddle? Or bloodhound under saddle? The last time I saw an animal with their nose pointed at the ground like that it was hunting for escaped convicts.

    And let's not forget our buddy Mr. Wells. Here’s a clinic clip where someone is proud he rode their horse. They have no idea how lucky their horse is that he only rode it once.

    WTF? He’s overflexing the hell out of this horse and dropping him behind the vertical every second. You aren’t doing anything but ruining the bars of this horse’s mouth and making him drop his shoulders when he should be lifting them to collect. Stop! Stop, stop, stop, doing this shit! Get your heavy hands off that horse’s mouth and learn to fricking create a balanced bridled horse. No wonder reiners are notorious for tail blocking, look at that poor horse switching his tail in aggravation. Ears pinned mean that the horse is uncomfortable or mad.

    This isn’t natural people, I don’t care how the horse is bred it looks stiff, stilted and miserable.

    Pleasure clinic? I don’t think so. Torture clinic maybe. Tug, spur, tug, spur, it's a vicious cycle. My, look at those pinned ears. I’d hide every copy of this video if I was the trainer.

    I’m offering you this video of a wonderful dressage ASB as a pre-apology for the next few videos showing ASBs and TWHs.


    This shit should not exist in this day and age.

    I seriously think there is a brain washing cult in Tennessee that convinces people that this kind of shit is okay and doesn’t hurt the horse. Somewhere there is a vat of grape kool aid that has enough brain altering drugs in it for an entire show industry to be built on.

    And while this isn’t a training video it is an interesting tidbit to view. Now we know how they do it.

    It’s because of the above videos that I get a laugh every time someone bitches about me not knowing what I’m talking about. Do tell!