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If you have a photo of crappy show riding, know of a jerkwad trainer or judge, or someone in the show world that is an abusive piece of shit then send the info to me. This blog is not anti-showing, it's anti-abuse. So there is no truth to the claims from the TWH, ASB, western pleasure and dressage zombies that I'm trying to shut showing down. Instead I'm trying to make showing more honest and to get abusive practices out of the showring! Email me at shameinthehorseshowring@gmail.com

I have a request for my readers: If you have successfully rehabbed a show horse, or gotten a rescue and taken it on to a show career then let me know, I'd love to feature you here!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Show RIng Heroes

Calling all readers:

Send me your stories about the oldest, sound, show horse you know.
And the oldest person you know still showing.
Pictures would be appreciated.

I want to showcase some of the good things in the show ring and not give all the press to the BNT trainers, who seem to believe any press is good press.

Send stories and photos to tjamouse@yahoo.com

Thank you,

T Jean Maus