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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swaying public opinion

I was sent this photo of an ASB gelding that was taken at a show in Arizona. This horse competed in classes at the show.

I have to wonder WTF anyone was thinking to put a saddle on a horse with a sway back that is this bad? Then I question the parent that would let their kid ride a horse in this condition. I also have to wonder at the absolute lack of consideration that show management and the judges had for the animal by allowing it to be shown. The is positively no upside to riding or showing a horse with a back that is this swayed. It should be retired as it deserves, or euthanised if it is in pain. It should never feel a rider's weight again.

Is the ASB association going to take a stand against this kind of abuse?
I can't imagine that any sane person would see this horse on the showgrounds and not want to stick a foot in someone's ass.