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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Big Name Trainer commits abuse UPDATED AGAIN

This story is breaking now:

Cleve Wells, a very big name QH trainer, has been accused of horse abuse.
Rather than repeat the whole story please go read it here:


You can see all the photos here:


I actually had this story sent to me three weeks ago by a lady really close to the issue and was sitting on it until I could get a statement from the owners of the horse, but looks like Cathy beat me to it. Regardless, I'm glad the info is out there. When people posted inquiries about this on the PHF they got banned and their posts yanked, so once again the PHF is in complete denial about abuse by BNT.

I would be willing to bet a lot of money if the owners had not retrieved their gelding when they did it would have had a mysterious bout of colic and ended up dead and buried before they could get there to see it.

Here's another story on the abuse case, complete with veterinary statements and more photos.


Looks like Mr. Wells sponsors are not happy!

This is what his sponsor page used to look like, just last year:


This is what it looks like now:


Also, Mr. Wells has written several books, one of them Going for Broke, ( kind of an ironic term considering the condition of the horse's jaw he abused) is published by Primedia Equine Network , http://www.workinggraphics.com/mockup-primedia2000-1.htmlwhich is the same group that publishes Equus, Horse and Rider, Dressage Today, Arabian Horse World and other magazines. They have the website Equisearch.com as well. Contact is Susan Harding. I suggest you let this company know what you think about their publication of his articles and books.