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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Crooked Trainers and Judges

You can’t talk about showing without discussing crooked trainers and judges. We know they exist. Just looking back at our past Olympic stars, like Barney Ward, shows you to what lengths a person will go to make money in the horse industry. My concern is with the more regional shows, since few of us reach Olympic heights.

I know of several prominent ApHC, APHA and AQHA trainers and judges that have been suspended for everything from drugging horses, to abuse and other rule violations. What amazes me is that horse owners still hire these pieces of shit knowing they are crooks. I’m not talking about a trainer that gets busted on a bute violation. I’m talking about a trainer that has used reserpine or other illegal drugs. I’m talking about a trainer that gets suspended on an abuse charge. WTF is someone thinking that would put their kid or horse under the care and supervision of someone that sees nothing wrong with giving a horse an anti-psychotic drug? Is winning worth the possible injury to your horse or child?

To take it one step further: some of these same trainers are also carded judges and they still retain their cards. WTF is the organization thinking letting them still judge? I don’t give a shit if the violation did happen ten years ago; if you’re a judge then you’re supposed to be above reproach. It’s bad enough to know Big Brown’s trainer was a multiple offender with drug use, but to find out our top WP and halter trainers/judges are also abusing the needle is unbelievable.
And what is the deal with the judge/trainer back scratching? I’ve seen judges place their trainer/judge friends that are showing horses that have serious soundness issues. Don’t they realize how sorry assed this makes them look? Giving your buddy’s post legged halter horse first place, just because you want the same treatment at the next show is just inexcusable. Judges, more than anyone in a breed, influence how a breed looks. They can alter public perception just by a few shoddy placings. They can create crappy trends and encourage defects just by placing their friends over more deserving horses.

How do people interested in showing combat these trends? The first way is to not show under shithead judges. Then write the organization that carded them and tell them you won’t show under that judge and why. Also let show management know that you won’t show under that judge. Since most shows are multi-judge shows your refusal to show under a judge means a show is losing multi-judge entry fees.

As for the crooked trainers: don’t hire them. If you do hire them you are a piece of shit too. You are hiring an animal abuser. If I see that your horse was shown by a piece of shit trainer I will not use any of your farm’s services. I will not use your stallion, buy your foals, board my horse or engage in any manner of business with you. Why? Because you are an abuse enabler and therefore a shithead supreme.
If a trainer previously suspended for drugs showed your stallion then I know your horse’s show record will always be suspect.

Nothing you do will ever remove the stain of having Mr. Drug Abuser on the end of the lead or in the saddle.

Get with the program and quit condoning and enabling the people that are ruining the horse show industry.