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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pleasure Horse Forum Stupidity

Just when I think the Pleasure Horse Forum can't stoop to a new low, they go even lower than the dragging heads of their poor tortured horses.

Seems a director for the ApHC made a comment about a big name trainer that had a previous drug bust. The poor pitiful BNT now has people up in arms because his name is being dragged through the mud by someone that made a true statement.

1) The trainer was busted in the past for giving a horse fluphenazine. In case you don't know fluphenazine is an anti psychotic that makes a pleasure horse go really slow.

2) Someone else posted that the same trainer has been busted for blocking tails.

Wonders never cease. Imagine a BNT violating more than one abuse rule.

So now all the little PHF App groupies are all outraged that this shining example of poor horsemanship has had his dirty laundry aired in public by a director of the club. Who fricking cares? I think horse drug offenders ought to go in a national registry like sex offenders so you can look them up and be forewarned before you let them touch your horse. There is no "He paid his debt to society" bullshit going on here. He was busted for doing something wrong and he was suspended. Now he has to live with the fact his dumb ass got caught and people know about it. As for the director: It's about time someone stood up to the criminals in the breed organizations and reminded them that they aren't allowed first class citizens because they chose to break the rules.

The sorry-assed Appaloosa people that are taking up for him prove to me why this breed organization is going downhill. They cater to the criminals and run off the good people. They are the instrument of their own destruction.

Go read the pleasure horse forum and take note of the trainer, who if he had any balls would admit that attacking the person that posted about his drug bust is very hypocritical, and the people supporting him. These people are fine with drugging, so don't buy horses or send your horse to train with them.

And just so none of you PHF idiots make a mistake about who wrote this I'm signing it,
T Jean Maus, owner of the shameinthehorseshowring blog.
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Icy Icelandics

I griped about how some of the traditional Icelandic things were just plain silly, but this video takes the cake.

Here's a line up of Icelandic ponies getting ready to race on ice. I personally think ice racing is stupid. It's a poor surface for the ponies' feet and legs. It increases the risk of damage in a fall.

Not only do these riders stupidly want to race on ice, but they are totally unprepared to get their ponies out after they fall in. Can you imagine the problem if the water hadn't been shallow enough for the ponies to stand? Where's the fricking crane or truck to get them out. This video is over 7 minutes long. 7 minutes in icy water is not pleasant on the best day.

Another thought that occured to me: Despite all of my bitching about showing it's a general practice that people who show demand safe groomed surfaces. I can't imagine taking my horse out on ice and not being assured beyond a shadow of doubt that it was going to hold up.

Tradition be damned, this crap is dangerous for the ponies!