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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pleasure Horse Forum Stupidity

Just when I think the Pleasure Horse Forum can't stoop to a new low, they go even lower than the dragging heads of their poor tortured horses.

Seems a director for the ApHC made a comment about a big name trainer that had a previous drug bust. The poor pitiful BNT now has people up in arms because his name is being dragged through the mud by someone that made a true statement.

1) The trainer was busted in the past for giving a horse fluphenazine. In case you don't know fluphenazine is an anti psychotic that makes a pleasure horse go really slow.

2) Someone else posted that the same trainer has been busted for blocking tails.

Wonders never cease. Imagine a BNT violating more than one abuse rule.

So now all the little PHF App groupies are all outraged that this shining example of poor horsemanship has had his dirty laundry aired in public by a director of the club. Who fricking cares? I think horse drug offenders ought to go in a national registry like sex offenders so you can look them up and be forewarned before you let them touch your horse. There is no "He paid his debt to society" bullshit going on here. He was busted for doing something wrong and he was suspended. Now he has to live with the fact his dumb ass got caught and people know about it. As for the director: It's about time someone stood up to the criminals in the breed organizations and reminded them that they aren't allowed first class citizens because they chose to break the rules.

The sorry-assed Appaloosa people that are taking up for him prove to me why this breed organization is going downhill. They cater to the criminals and run off the good people. They are the instrument of their own destruction.

Go read the pleasure horse forum and take note of the trainer, who if he had any balls would admit that attacking the person that posted about his drug bust is very hypocritical, and the people supporting him. These people are fine with drugging, so don't buy horses or send your horse to train with them.

And just so none of you PHF idiots make a mistake about who wrote this I'm signing it,
T Jean Maus, owner of the shameinthehorseshowring blog.
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JohnieRotten said...

I really do not follow the pleasure industry. But the last time that I was at an Appy show, the poor western pleasure horses looked defeted and crippled. I could nevet understand how a trainer that is a professional would allow that to be. But now that you mention the drugging. I find that even more disturbing.

Though I am well aware that these things go on in all breeds and disciplines. It never ceases to disgust me!

Gail said...

It seems you may have not have read all the posts before they were pulled. This representative of the ApHC stated false accusations of a BNT. The statement the director made was NOT TRUE! Since when is this acceptable behavior of anyone? This person had access to the records and did not check those out before typing. I didn’t see anyone praising the BNT for the suspension he did earn, they were defending his right to not be libeled. He did clarify his one suspension for everyone and was honest about it. Then the apology by the director was back handed. No sympathy from me.

Trojan Mouse said...


Don't try to justify the vultures and dipshits on the PHF. Sandy made a true statement, he was busted, he was suspended. Whether it was once or twice he was still a tried and convicted horse drug abuser. It doesn't matter how many times he did it, the fact he did it once, with that kind of drug, says that he has a low moral code.

So you and your morally hypocritical group go after the person that has never been suspended for anything. She's a director, she's supposed to take the high road against drug abuse. She's not supposed to condone or endorse people who abuse the system. I bet the people he beat when he cheated would take the same view.

Must be nice to have such a lax view of the world that a simple misstatment carries the same weight as actually using fluphenizine on a horse.

T Jean Maus

ZTIG said...

Gail please clarify what was incorrect your statement doesn't clarify a thing for those of not in ApHC or on the PHF

ZTIG said...

By the way mouse love your email at the bottom lmao!

The Turd Burglar said...

Checking in with shovel and cart poised. Surely there will be much shit for me to cart away in these comments. Dung beetles from the phf will surely try to roll their copeous balls of filth over here to defend this guy.

Anonymous said...

So now all the little PHF App groupies are all outraged that this shining example of poor horsemanship has had his dirty laundry aired in public by a director of the club.

*SIGH* If only the director of TWHBEA would do this in the TWH world....

Anonymous said...

OT, but I was at the Carousel Charity Horse Show today, and you should have seen the bug-eyed, overflexed Saddlebreds and how many people would look at them and go tsk tsk. I was amazed to see how the amount of people who don't like how the ASBs look seems to be growing.

I didn't take pictures because I was coaching a student and needed to pay attention to her. I wish I had on this one gelding, though. He was so overflexed it was awful.

cattypex said...

That's good to hear, Katphoti!

GAH. WHEN will WP people get a clue?!?!?!

And WHEN will owners ("horselovers" *snort*) start taking their horses away from these kinds of trainers?? I mean, OK, if you're rich enough to employ a BNT, then you're probably successful in business, which would imply a little common sense when it comes to reputation and best practices.

So when will they apply that kind of thinking to their horsey pursuits??

Oh... right. When monkeys fly out of my butt.

Gail said...

The BNT had been caught and suspended [6-7 years ago?] for showing a horse with a drug used by vets - although this drug had been used by some in WP in the past until testing caught up.

The director stated that this BNT had been suspended from the ApHC twice [false] for using a designer drug [false] and that this trainer would then face a lifetime suspension if caught again [false]. The designer drug was developed to keep a WP horse slow AND to not be detected in drug tests. Surprise - no one showing was told that a test had been developed for that drug combination and some got caught.

The difference in the statement and truth is the difference between someone who is a repeat offender using drugs specifically for showing vs one who offended once but has since passed many drug tests.

KelliMare said...

katphoti said...

OT, but I was at the Carousel Charity Horse Show today, and you should have seen the bug-eyed, overflexed Saddlebreds and how many people would look at them and go tsk tsk. I was amazed to see how the amount of people who don't like how the ASBs look seems to be growing.

I didn't take pictures because I was coaching a student and needed to pay attention to her. I wish I had on this one gelding,
though. He was so overflexed it was awful.

...Yeah, I saw some Saddlebreds out there today that looked like complete crackheads. Actually, my two 17 & under riders nearly got mowed down by a couple of them on several occasions while warming up - pretty disturbing. Then there was the class where a guy got dumped because his crackhead horse clearly had enough of him, and thank God he kept the reins when he fell, because if that horse had gotten away after turfing him it would have been baaad. Yikes.

Mouse, you should do a post on one of my biggest horse show pet peeves evaaaar... arena etiquette, or the lack thereof.

GoLightly said...

Yeah, I have no idea who you are talking about.

I have watched the Congress AQHA shows, and I still shake my head at what passes for a QH these days..

What is winning, is sad to watch..
Drugs for SHOW?
Medical use, at home, fine.
sorry I was late:)

ponykins said...

Isn't it funny that what is winning the ring now is not the best horses? The BNT's winners have been man-made and man-abused to the point that they are cartoon charactors of what they used to be. I used to envy them, now I pity them. The real champions (the natural, well trained, and happy horse) is now enjoying himself with his natural, good rider, who loves him, down the trails of the country. It's such a shame that nearly each breed has it's bad apples who are not only ruining the breed, but being rewarded for it by the judges and the folks who give them money for sales and training? Tisk. Tisk.

Pipkin said...

Ponykins, the one good thing from that: I can now afford a nice, balanced, natural Appy. Back in the day when Pip would win (b/c of his old-fashionedness), I couldn't afford to own a horse like him. Now, he's dirt to the show people, thus reasonably priced!


Anonymous said...


MAN, that sucks. I'm sorry to hear that happened. I didn't know about the guy who got dumped, but I see a lot of that in general at these ASB shows out here.

Where are your students' photos online? I'd love to see them!

Anyone want to see some really poor riding on an ASB? Check out www.howardschatzberg.com, click on the Carousel logo, then MAR 12, THURSDAY, Afternoon, Equidome, 017 - ASB 3 Gaited Park Pleasure Junior Horse. Check out the little black dude on the sorrel horse. NICE equitation.

Now I'm going to take a moment to brag. On the same website, look at 2009 Carousel Charity Horse Show, MAR 12, THURSDAY, Afternoon, Equidome, then classes 22, 25, 32 and 34. The girl in the off-white linen coat riding the all black gelding is my "student," of sorts. I have been coaching her for the past two weeks, and they are a phenomenal team. They placed very well in all their classes and I was SO proud. This horse went from gadgets and gimmick training (without soring--his owner was VERY specific about that) to all natural and barefoot. He is going to really be a contender when we get more excercise and discipline under his belt!

Okay, done bragging. :)

KelliMare said...

Katphoti -
Aw, congrats... what a cute rider and horse!
Checked out the ASB class pics you were talking about... definitely shudder worthy.

The best pics of my two kids are in the Fri. morning open breed hunter pleasure opportunity class in the equidome... The chestnut arab with the button braids is mine, and so is the little bay arab - her rider is a blonde girl with glasses :-) Both of them usually show sport horse classes, but they do pretty well in HP and Eq too.

It's funny... that was their worst class of the show, but the pics came out the best. In the classes that they owned, the pics sucked. Oh well... hehe.

KelliMare said...

Ok, I take that back... the first pic of my bay mare was good... the other two seem to have caught her mid-swish even though she was very happy and non-swishy overall in that class :-/
Oops. hehe.

cattypex said...

Y'know what's funny?

One of the mostest sweetest kid-friendly lead-line horses I've seen is a GORGEOUS elegant NSH... he kind of reminds me of Celine Dion. ; ) Only very sweet.

I'm dying for his owner to take him dressage, but she's seen enough Arab & Saddlebred BS at the big shows that all she wants is to teach kids and have fun.

(I, too, miss old-school appys. Heh.... I had an issue of Appaloosa News from the early 80s with an article "How To Spot A Real Appaloosa" that warned against Quarter Horses with spots...)

Anonymous said...


Your kids are ADORABLE! Yes, a little swishy, but that's okay! I think they look amazing on their horses. Great hands, great seats! I wish the photographer hadn't gotten so many photos when they're on the up of their post. It looks like there was some good competition in the class. Plus they were up against Michael of White Star Stables, and he's a wonderful rider. Honestly, he is so good to his horses--he has really nice hands. I just wish he didn't use so many gadgets and gimmicks.

To all, the woman in photo 002 of that class is riding a Gypsy Vanner stallion, and she is SO mean to him. He is so unhappy because of it. She's got a death grip with her hands and spurs him way too much. I watched them ride at the Festival of Horses, where I met my mare's future "husband," a classy Percheron stallion. She was working her stallion in the ring before going to her stallion showcase, and they came in with that GV. She was tugging on him and smacking him, and he was so unhappy. The owner kept saying "he's a stallion, you've got to expect that kind of behavior out of him." WTF???? EXPECT it??? When the Percheron stallion in the middle of the arena being ridden in a bitless bridle and bareback is completely quiet? I wonder what the stallion's temperament is REALLY like--he probably has a crappy temperament because he has a crappy owner and a crappy rider!

Anonymous said...

There is an article this month about Appys in Horse Illustrated, but it's a stupid article--all it does is talk about what horses have won what $$$ and awards in different disciplines. Sounds like the ApHC just bragging on themselves. I was hoping to actually LEARN about the breed, but no....

I agree with you JR and catty. It's so sad how so many breeds have lost their original look, temperament, and quality of movement.

KelliMare said...

Thanks! I am so proud of those kiddos... next stop, Region 7! woot!
The GV lady had to excuse herself from the Sun. AM HP open opportunity - pony was PISSED at her and all over the place. I was relieved - he was kinda ginormous to be having a major malfunction in the Equidome while my kids were riding in there. :-/

photogchic said...

So many abbreviations!!! I have no idea what is what:-) Stop the drugging or horses people..in the show ring and on the track. The people that are caught...banned from the sport. End of story. Yo...Steve Asmussen (horse racing).....cocaine does not belong in a horses system and neither does an anti psycotic drugs. These people are a disgrace to the horse world.

attafox said...


I saw your rider in warm-up. She looked very nice.

For those who weren't there, the judge was on top of it and practiced zero tolerance. Any horse (ASB) that acted up was excused. They weren't winning classes. Did see an atrocious 5-gaited ammy class where no one wanted to win.

The hunter and Western classes were large with lots of nice entries (but katphoti, I believe you meant Matthew from White Star, not Michael).

Now, the judge should have been out in the warm up when the market umbrella got caught in the wind and came cartwheeling towards the warm up. Not a single horse freaked. Fortunately, someone caught it just before it leaped the fence and ended up in the arena.

Love Appys said...

OK. Comment #1 - ApHC and all clubs that do not do this - In my opinion in the ApHC Journal they do post who is suspended but in my opinion they need to also tell why the person has been suspended.

#2 - It would seem all clubs are very political.

#3 - I had 4 horses with a BNT and paid him to do certain things like , umm, have a farrier to take care of the horses - not! but I paid for it. Food .... got back skinny terribly groomed horses. But he is like a used car salesman and seems to always come out smelling like a rose. I no longer show because of him.... I have no money left after all the supplements, food, farrier, shows etc. Oh BTW the horses I was showing at the time when I got them back they looked great, the other two looked like crap but they were to have the same treatment as the one was going to be shown at a later date. Glad I brought them home when I did or I may have had a dead horse liek another person that had a horse with him did.

d_33_123 said...

Wow seriously this blog sickens me. Are you kidding me!!! The forum is a great way to get information. And it's good to know the bad stuff that happens in the industry so we can help stop it. And your dumb little pictures that are suppose to look all mean and stuff at the top of the page are not so bad. You riding a 1500 lb animal with a brain and they're animals and think much different than humans, your going to have to stop them with some kind of device! Why don't you go join PETA and try to make the world such a better place.

winlin said...

I see your last post was March 209 . I hope you didn't give up on this blog. I think it is definitely needed.