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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Whatever happened to equitation?

I know I keep harping on equitation, but I’m really disturbed that is seems to be missing from the show ring. When did people stop knowing how to ride? I’m not talking about children, or non-pros. I’m talking about money making trainers that ride like absolute shit. Look at any western pleasure trainer and you’ll see what I mean. For the record, I think the women riders look better than any of the male trainers. The leaning back crap is just so stupid. Do they not realize that their profile looks like they are trying to snort raindrops? It makes their horse’s back look concave and it really makes the line of the horse look awkward. To make it worse they poke their feet forward like they are stomping on the brakes of a 1966 International Truck.

Come on people, sit up straight and use your leg correctly. I realize that teaching a horse to spur stop relieves you of having to teach your horse how to work in a bridle, and leaning back makes it impossible for him to move out well, since his kidneys are screaming with every step. I’m so sick of “Drequitation”. Why do the judges reward this crap, unless it’s because they ride like that too?
What is it going to take to get actual balanced riding, both English and western, back in the stock horse show ring?