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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cleve Wells again!

Looks like all of you assholes over on the Pleasure Horses forum that defended Mr. Wells the first time around feel about as stupid as those O J Simpson supporters that were glad he got off scot free. Mr. Wells has appeared on these pages before. A return visit guarantees him a place in the asshole horse abuser hall of fame!

Mr. Wells has really done it again. He's gotten suspended from the AQHA and the NSBA for cruelty. He got red carded on the Sun Circuit as asked to leave. Red carded is bad! It means that there is no doubt you are guilty. He's got a 4 year suspension. They don't give those because you messed the hair a little.
Now knowing Mr. Wells he'll skip right over to ApHC like he did last time and show at their Worlds. I'm sure there are several owners low enough to hire his sorry horse abusing ass.

He needs to have a lifetime suspension like Barney Ward. This kind of shit is sickening and does nothing to improve the image of the industry. Send him packing and make it so he cannot show anywhere ago. I don't even want to see his ass at a country fair showing rabbits.

Now back to the ongoing saga with the little internet bullies that want to trash people and act all big as shit in a closed group. I'm still going to out a few of you a week, and I might just start meta tagging your place of employment so any web searches lead right to these posts. So until every post on your group trashing someone else is gone, I'm going to keep playing tag, and by the way, I'm always it. :)


Wolfie said...

It appears that Mr. Wells and Ms. Roth went to the same school of horse training. Despicable people, in my book. Lifetime suspensions are completely justified in both cases.

Vince Stead said...

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ARealEquestrian said...

Anyone else noticed that this jack ass is internet bullying whom they call internet bullies?


Oh, and you need to stop using wikipedia as a source. You have know clue what you're talking about =]