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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cleve Wells update

Sorry about the delay in posting this!

The latest info on Mr. Wells from the AQHA:

AQHA Releases Official Statement Regarding Meeting Between Professional Horsemen's Council and Cleve Wells

Cleve Wells appeared in front of the Professional Horsemen's Council on February 17 in Amarillo, Texas with regard to the recent allegations against Wells involving the abuse of Slow Lopin Scotch.

"On February 17, the AQHA Professional Horsemen’s Council met regarding whether Cleve Wells’ conduct, as the trainer of SLOW LOPIN SCOTCH and owner of Cleve Wells Quarter Horses where SLOW LOPIN SCOTCH was being trained, met the high standards of conduct required and expected of Professional Horsemen set forth in Rule 478 of 2008 AQHA's Official Handbook and the AQHA Professional Horsemen Code of Ethics.

As a result of such meeting, the Professional Horsemen Council determined that Mr. Wells’ conduct did not meet such standards and recommended to the AQHA Executive Committee that Mr. Wells' membership in the AQHA Professional Horsemen Association should be revoked. The Professional Horsemen’s Council’s recommendation will be reviewed by the Executive Committee for their decision in the near future."

For more info you can go to http://www.gohorseshow.com/article/Animal_Welfare/Animal_Welfare/AQHA_Releases_Official_Statement_Regarding_Meeting_Between_Professional_Horsemens_Council_and_Cleve_Wells/23674

My position is that Mr. Wells was aware of the abuse. His "assistant" should have been charged with abuse and jailed. Mr. Wells was abetting the abuse by not charging her with cruelty.


GoLightly said...

Such high standards they have maintained, the AQHA.
Thanks TJM.
Just incredibly appalling, what I've learned about SOME of the BigNameTrainers this year.
No, not all.
This guy, wow. His assistant. Such standards. Horrifying.
So glad I wasn't there, I'd have run screaming from the barn.

Carrie Giannandrea said...


BNTs usually get away with things the rest of us wouldn't even dream of doing to our animals.

How do we get horse showing back to fun and away from big $$$$.......that is usually what drives people to cheat, use drugs and lie.

I hope these blogs can influence people to stand up and speak out against abusive practices, instead of looking the other way.

Carrie Giannandrea
Dances with Horses
Formula One Farms

an American in Copenhagen said...

Exactly what are the consequences of him loosing his Pro membership?

Is there anything more they could do? Is it possible for them to ban him from showing at AQHA shows?

I supose if they did he'd just switch to Paints and Appys but it would still send a huge message and probably would affect his income.

an American in Copenhagen said...

Also, is there any progress getting an animal cruelty case going? Or at least getting Cleve to refund the money for training and reimburse the vet bills?

Jess9687 said...

This is great to hear :)

Anonymous said...

Carrie, I couldn't have said it better myself. Excellent statements.

I agree that his "trainer" who was in charge of this horse should be prosecuted as well.

an American in Copenhagen,

There is an animal cruelty case going on that the owners have filed against him. I'm sure this is not the first time it's happened, so major kudos go to Scotch's owners for standing up to a BNT and saying ENOUGH.

Cut-N-Jump said...

As to the assistant being charged or not, they rightfully should be. But at the end of the day it still falls back on CW as it is his facility, his care and I feel he was the one who dishes out the abuse.

The bone shards have an old look to them. Not the look of a fresh break and immediately removed. The horses jaw was lacerated and oozing pus as were his sides. Sorry, they don't get that way overnight.

I feel the horse was abused before Cleaver ran off to the show and the horses condition was discovered by the owner.

kgirl said...

why is the commmenting for the above article blocked

laredo said...

though Cleve Wells and the assistant should no doubt be reprimanded why are the owners not finding out about this abuse until after the damage has healed. It is also the owners responsibility to check in on the horse and trainer and see progress being made. Owners responsibility doesnt just end with the signature on the check. They are the ones ultimately responsible for the care of that animal and it sounds like it hasn't been checked on nearly enough

imagolfwidow said...

When the owners found the horse, the damage was far from healed. The owners had made 3 trips to CWQH to check on the horse, as well as phone conversations and text messages that were sent 3 days before the horse was found in the condition he was in.

teresa said...

Hi, I just found this blog and think it's great. Does anybody know if there is any humane agency that trains people to spot and report abuse at horse shows? It seems like there should be! Horse show abouse does not get much coverage by the animal rights groups.