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Sunday, October 2, 2011

TWHBEA= The Torture Whipping Hurting Beating Equines Association

I really try to move on past my dislike of the TWH industry. I know that there are other areas within the equine industry that need my attention and public denouncement. But every time I try to get past it I stumble upon more crap on Youtube that just sends me into a rage. I’ve touched on the TWH bunch in several previous blogs

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I swear, it’s like following Lindsey Lohan around. You only have to wait a short time and then next big screw up falls right in your lap. In a time when PETA is in every glossy magazine and even HSUS has a facebook page I find it staggering that this crap is still going on in public places. There are people who cheer this crap on! Who are these sickos?

Mississippi Charity Horse Show 2011: I can only hope that the charity if for rehabbing these poor abused horses. There is no section of society so stricken that it needs charity based on the abuse and torture of animals.

A show for horse abusing asshats trainers that highlights that some people can be paid to be abusive assholes and still show their face in public. Makes you wonder what they’d do if a burning building full of puppies needed their help.

2011 WHAT National Trainers Show

It obvious that this type of abuse isn’t new, although it has been refined to a degree. This video is from the early 80s and it is a shining example of how far people are willing to go to get the artificial gaits needed to win in the show ring.

Horse Abuse

This crap needs to stop. It’s as abusive as the shit Michael Vick pulled. The only reason it continues is because horses are not vocal in their pain like dogs are. If every horse that entered the ring was groaning and whinnying in pain this shit would be over. This crap has gone on far too long and it is unbelievable that people actually try to defend it. I hear enablers and their spawn women and kids trying to justify using chains on a horse; it’s like a bangle bracelet. Really? Put some mustard on your ankles, add an 8 ounce chain and run around all day and night in six inch heels and see how you fucking feel about bangle bracelets. I can’t wear heels for an hour without wanting to kill myself, I can’t imagine having them nailed to my feet. And the whole tail bracing thing. WTF is up with that? Aren’t we past the age when nicking a horse and bracing his tail is acceptable? If you want your horse’s tail to fly up then make him happy, not miserable.

Previous Blog about Tails 2008

The AAEP came out against soring in 2008 and it’s still practiced. Why?

AAEP statement

Equus has been bitching since 2004.

Equus Soring Article

Enough is enough people. This shit is not going to stop by playing nice. It’s not going to be “cured” by the USDA. It is only going to stop when the people that oversee the USDA and every other organization are publicly humiliated. Write them, catch them on tape, post videos, contact every news agency in America and hammer away at the matter. This is YOUR breed, stop letting the public image, and that of every respectable owner, be tarnished by the animal abusing assholes exhibitors in the ring.

Let the Tennessee Governor know how you feel!
Contact Governor Bill Haslam

Contact Tennessee Elected Officials:
Elected Officials

I cannot do it alone. Those of you within the breed have to work to get this done.

There are resources, and people, that want to see an end to this abuse. Contact them and get involved. Be prepared to fight and fight hard. The horse deserves your help.

For the TWH blog

FTWH Facebook


National Walking Horse Association

Friends of Sound Horses

So get your bangle and high heel wearing butts out there and save this horse!


Shel said...

Thanks for this post, I looked at all the videos and honestly can't believe this is allowed!! I never knew it happened and had to research it a bit as well, but it looks absolutely terrible for the poor horses :( xx

sandra said...

these horses dont look like horses to me, they look like mutants! the way the gait is exaggerated, it is beyond me that anyone finds this attractive or appealing in a horse.... its grotesque!

what would be wrong with a more natural approach to horse showing?

cattypex said...

It's all about MONEY and "TRADITION."

The "tradition" is an extreme redneck attitude fully legitimized in the American South.

These are not people who want to learn, either about horse welfare or apparently how to ride.

These are people who want to make money quickly off these horses, and if the horses are irrevocably damaged in the process, oh well... just the cost of doing business, ma'am.

People who do this kind of thing justify it in very strange and incomprehensible ways, and probably tie it in with Jesus somehow. Kind of like the whole "witch scene" in Monty Python & the Holy Grail. You can't change their belief system - you can only shut down the public institutions like horse shows that make it visible.

And it seems that even when their biggest shows get cancelled, it backfires: it serves as a rallying point for the abusers to scream about their "God-given rights" instead of an object lesson in "abusing horses is wrong."

This is a common Southern Redneck Attitude. I live in east central Indiana, and it's the closest to the Mason-Dixon line I'll ever live.

Trojan Mouse said...

Cattypex: you can only shut down the public institutions like horse shows that make it visible.

I think you're right. I think the Celebration should be marched on by people that want the stacks, chains and tail braces gone. Voters should tell the sorry assed governor that this crap needs to stop.

T Jean Maus

Cut-N-Jump said...

To ride a TWH with normal shoes or even barefoot, one that has been trained to stay in their gate or even needs work to help improve it's gate is one thing. They are naturally smooth, don't seem to shuffle along and even enjoy their job.

The horses in the videos and that I have seen otherwise in person, they LOOK miserable! The gait looks miserable to ride. And yet these people claim to 'love their horses and the breed for what they are'? That's just beyond fucked up!

Rebekah Lou Taylor said...

I think people who do this to their horses should be given the same treatment. See how they like it!

Heidi S said...

I haven't seen the Walkers for years and now I remember why. Those poor horses are mutilated. Their gait is completely unnatural. How can anyone find that beautiful or desirable?

I hate PETA but maybe they can do some good with this one. Picket the shows. Advertise the abuse in the hope of getting it stopped.

Megan said...

I've actually never been around TWH's, so I don't know how they normally move - but those horses looked horrible! I've heard heaps of things about TWH's and Big Lick ect, but I've never watched a video of it. I don't know how that appeals to anyone.

You've won an award on my blog.

Cjay said...

I hate the TWH world. I learned to ride at a farm the bred TWHs. They were some of the best in our province and the farm did not show at shows like that. Their horses were barefoot and happy as can be. I was horrified (and still am) the first time I learned what really goes on in the TWH show world in most places.

You've also won an award on my blog!

Trojan Mouse said...

Thank you Cjay!

T Jean Maus

TheDarkSideIsSexy said...

go look at the horse The Thug..never seen a horse in so much pain in my life..that horse is suffering

Brain Master said...

Oy Vay! It's sad that we take something as cool and useful as a TWH and turn it into a sad version of its former self.

KJ said...

I have never seen TWH before and what was happening at that show is outrageous! How can this cruelty be allowed to happen?

All thos fat arseholes on those horses with 3 tonne weights nailed to their feet!! What the?

Far out!

Lovemywalkers said...

Ok first of all you all are VERY uneducated when it comes to this marvelous breed of equine. These horses are probably worth more than most of your houses and cars combined. The horses are NOT "suffering". They are taken better care of than most of the owners take care of themselves. You all have NO RIGHT to judge on something you know absolutely nothing about. Those videos are copyrighted and unless I go back and see that you have permission to use them on your own personal site, I will be reporting you. The TWH industry is looked down on because it is very misunderstood. These horses are BORN doing this gait. It is not taught to them. Every single person who commented on this idiots page should be ashamed of yourselves. These horses LOVE their jobs. You would not know that unless you owned a TWH. So BACK THE FUCK OFF and GO GET A FUCKING LIFE. If you seriously think that YOU and YOUR TREE HUGGING POSSE are going to get rid of this breed, OVER MY DEAD WALKING HORSE LOVING BODY. This industry has been RUINED thanks to you fucking idiots. You have no clue what you are talking about. And "TWHBEA" is also a COPYRIGHTED name, so I suggest you remove your provocative comment about them also or you will be sued for more money than you broke fucking ass is worth. Good fucking day.

cattypex said...

Wow. A troll!

Or you've simply been brainwashed.

I've never seen a TWH BORN doing that Big Lick, pacey thing. Never seen one BORN with scars and stacks. Never seen one BORN that has to lie down all day for a modicum of relief, or stand like it's in severe pain.

I HAVE seen beautiful TWH gait like a dream down the trail, around open-show rings, and with disabled riders. They are smooth, they are cadenced, they are SOUND by all standard equine veterinary measures. TWH are great at taking abuse, they are great at taking care of little kids and husbands, they are great at going for miles and miles at a beautiful, comfortable gait.

I still don't know how people defend the TWHBEA and sleep at night. Sorry, you need to open your eyes and figure out that horses who have to be in pain to win is morally bankrupt, and if you can't SEE that with your own eyes - never mind the zillions of pages of scholarship you can read to explain it to you - you need to just get out of horses, because YOU are morally bankrupt.

And I totally mean that, without even knowing you. I'll give you a tiny benefit of the doubt because possibly you've grown up in this hellish universe and your sense of reality is badly warped, but the fact that you are aware of resistance to this cruelty tells me that you're still adhering to an evil belief system. Yes, I say EVIL. And I mean it. Sorry. No, I'm not sorry.

Just please open your eyes and liberate your horses from your trainer's abuse. If you're married to that trainer, or otherwise related, you're gonna have a pretty hard time I guess.

cattypex said...

Also, that inconvenient Free Speech thing that we've got allows all Americans to express their opinions about this and that.

I know it's not quite as important as that gun thing, but ya know.

Not only are you advocating for abusing horses (as defined by federal law), but you seriously need some Civics lessons. Maybe read the US Constitution. It's pretty cool.

OK I'll stop now. This is a stale thread anyway. Same song, different verse. Same ignorant painmongers, different... well... actually, nothing different.

cattypex said...

*goes to hug a tree*

commonsenselogic said...

I love naturally gaited horses...I have a slew of friends that ride TWHs, Spotted saddle horses, none have been artificially enhanced, except for using a slightly heavier horseshoe and I am talking about ounces, not pounds. I have a wonderful Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, that can rack all day with minimal collection. I am horrified by what people do to horses to win, but just because you own and ride a certain breed, doesn't make you one of them...

Epona's Chosen said...

All I ask of anyone who reads this blog, or any OTHER blog, is that they educate themselves about Tennessee Walking Horses and other similar gaited breeds. There are thousands of sound, sane, safe, and beloved Walking Horses out there. Their owners avoid soring, heavy chains and 'packages' like you avoid the plague. Always remember, when you see posts about cruelty in Big Lick Walking Horses, that you are reading about a small percentage of very sick, very warped people who take advantage of what is a truly wonderful horse. My Walking Horses go with me on trails, barefoot, happy, and trustworthy. They will never see a stack or a chain. Please believe that so many of us LOVE this horse. Don't hate Tennessee Walking Horses just because there is an organization and section of society that gets off on abusing them.

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Y así fue... said...

Hi! I´m from Spain and... I have never seen the Tennessee horses and this..."play". That´s horrible!

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Rowan Marie said...

Thank you for posting this.
I knew that how Tennessee Walkers were traditionally treated was awful, but I did not know it was this bad. Thank you, again, for the information.


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DumleRoxas said...

Epona's Chosen: I have to agree with you. When it comes to gaited horses, there are so many who think they can just say whatever they want without actually thinking of how the horses are being treated. Yes, there are many horses that are being abused, too many horses, and this has to stop!

I myself ride icelandic horses, and there are actually many of us that ride very poorly, and but strong bits in the horses' mouths and drag their heads up to make them gait. But not all of us are like that, most of us are actually not. And there are so many people, both on the internet and in real life, that basically tell me that I am hurting my horse by training her like I do. I am competing with her, and I do use boots with weight on her front feet and yes, I sometimes us a icelandic curb bit, though not the traditional one that is only broken on a single point.

What people don't see is that the boots are also protecting her legs, as her gaits are so large, she has a real chance of stepping on herself with her hind legs as she runs faster. The bit is so that I can "leave her alone" more as she does the tølt, and she is a lot more comfortable with that bit than a normal snaffle, which I train on most of the time (Usually 6 days a week, at least).

Just like with the TWH, there are many who treat their horses well, and we can't just talk about "everyone who competes with a TWH/icelandic horse/other gaited horse", or say that "we hate the TWH world", like Cjay does.

But what I see in these clips... This has to be stopped. These horses are so nice that they keep up with it, they can't protest any longer, but they are still suffering, and we have to see that.

This is not "tradition" or "natural", this is cruel abuse.

Moore Linda said...

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Kathryn Matsuo said...

Honestly, the trainers are all good. How could they train those performance horses to walk like that? I’m not living in America so I don’t have a clue about this activity. Sorry.

Justin Gaberial said...


Marie Allen said...

They almost do not look like horses.