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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soring, it's not just for assholes anymore....

I'm sure anyone that has read this blog knows my views on soring in the gaited horse world. Trainers that sore are the bottom feeders of the horse world. Owners that keep their horses with trainers that sore should be banned from ever owning an animal.

So now a federal grand jury has handed down indictments on incidents that have happened since 2002. You can read the full story here:


My question is: What took so fucking long? When you found out the first horse was sored their asses should have been in jail. To dick around for 8 years is just unacceptable. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you busted these idiots. There should be a special jail for Barney Davis, Christen Altman, Jeffery Bradford and Paul Blackburn. They should have to walk across nails every day, have their heads tied back to their ankles so they get jerked on every step and had to live with a tail speculum stuck up their ass.

The fact that this kind of shit is still happening is a disgrace. The state of Tennessee should have the balls to stand up and BAN padding. They should ban tail harnesses. And they should tell those abuse enablers that run the Celebration to clean their act up or find another venue. Governor Bill Halsam, are you fricking listening? Your state promotes, condones and encourages the most abusive and messed up treatment of horses in the entire United States. Your state horse is a padded walker. You can't drive through Tennessee without seeing the padded up walker silhouette on signs, U-Haul vans, farms and bumper stickers. It's messed up. You might as well get a license plate that says: Tennessee; We're Animal Unfriendly.

I'm sure a bunch of you will pop up and say: You can't blame Tennessee for all the soring. Wanna bet? They host the Celebration, the biggest clusterfuck of abuse in the US. I don't care if the HPA inspectors are on the grounds, the abuse that takes place leading up the show is horrific. The padding, chains, long shanked twisted wire bits, tail braces and all the other accoutrements are just WRONG! There are no excuses. There is no legitimate reason to brace a horse's tail. There is no reason to use huge pads on a horse. It just serves NO purpose except to condemn the horse to a life of being stall kept, constant pain and not living the life that most horses lead.

Stop the crap Bill Halsam, grow some balls and clean up the horse show industry in Tennessee!


Young Equestrian said...

The only way that this practice will stop is if the people who are doing the right thing in the gaited horse world step up and speak out against these horrific practices. Welcome back after a year and two days!

Trojan Mouse said...

I've been busy, but still watching the shit fly. Every time I read about soring I get more and more angry.

GoLightly said...

Tell us how you REALLY feel, Trojan;)
Stop holding back!

How long did it take the Berlin Wall to come down?

This will take much longer.
or at least until the "good ol' boys/girls" croak.

cattypex said...

Welcome back!

Yeah, it's mind-boggling that soring still thrives, instead of merely being a horrible footnote in the annals of The Cruel History of Bad Methods in Horse Training.

Never underestimate the power of rich rednecks in large groups.

You know what else gets me? A bunch of these assholes will tell you, and might even believe it, that they LOOOOVE horses.

cattypex said...

Hey TJM & everybody, how 'bout some updates in other areas? I'm only doing leadline with my kid this year, and probably won't be going to watch any shows beyond that, so what's the word on current Western Pleasure, Rolkur, Saddleseat, breed show & H/J misdeeds?

TheHorseInTheGarage said...

They spend time with their animals, anyway. Not saying it's right, but at least the animals are fed. Some owners' standards are lower than others.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Good to see you posting again, even though it took me forever and a day to get over here...

And the soring continues, the asshats abound while the horsewaorld remains in the dark ages for some. Maybe someday we will see a positive change....

cattypex said...

Horse/Garage.... by that logic, it's OK for parents to beat their children as long as they feed them and spend time forcing them to play sports they hate.

That shit ain't right.

monvanda bay said...

I Blame the horse JUDGES they are the ones placing these horses with all the artificial crap. Lets face it as long as they do the trainers will keep doing what they do and owners will turn a blind eye so they can brag about their Champion. Look @ the AQHA the horses they pass off as WESTERN PLEASURE HORSES whats pleasurable about riding a horse that takes a week to get around the arena or acts exhausted all the time. And big fat pig horses that are so muscle bound they roll like a pig instead of stride out moving freely the way they should. THATS suppose to be the perfect conformation for AQHA horses yea id like to see you do a days work on one of them if they dont die of a heart attack you will not be able to walk for a month you'll be so sore never mind trying to stop or rope a cow.