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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Knowing the limits, means knowing your horse! Updated

Great Britain's Harry Meade was disqualified should have been killed from the Burghley Horse Trials. The competition's ground jury ruled that the complete asshole he was competing an exhausted horse. Meade was barred from riding abusing his second mount in the competition.

The FEI released the following:

"Harry Meade (GBR) was awarded a red card and disqualified from the competition for his riding of Dunauger No. 14, who fell at fence 19. Meade was not allowed to ride his second horse, Midnight Dazzler. The Ground Jury, in consultation with the Appeal Committee, awarded the red card under Art 520 of the 2009 Rules of Eventing: "Abuse of Horse and Dangerous Riding," namely 'riding an exhausted horse' and 'excessive pressing of a tired horse."

Dunauger became stuck on a fence, requiring a delay of about 20 minutes while a crew removed him from the jump. It is reported the horse was uninjured.

The show organizers said Meade accepted the ruling and agreed he should have stopped the horse earlier on the course.

Really Harry? You should have quit pushing the horse past his limits and not over ridden him? You decide this in retrospect? You're supposed to be a horseman Harry. You should be able to tell when a horse is tired. Is that fricking ribbon so important that you'd endanger another living being's life? Guess so.

Next time you want to over ride a horse why don't you go run the course first and see how tired you are. Do it naked, covered in sweat and carrying a heavy weight on your back, see how it feels.

I've watched the Video and all I can say is it's even worse that I thought. The horse is sweaty and strung out just going into the course. Toward the end the horse has a classic case of floppy ears and he's even dropping to a trot, trying to tell his resident fuckstick rider that he's exhausted. Does Harry listen? Hell no. Instead he TROTS his horse at a fence that most horses couldn't get over without a spring board and a 12 pack of Red Bull in their system. Wonder of wonders poor Dunauger gets hung on the fence like a chicken carcass laid over a grill. It's disgusting that Harry asshelmet didn't stop before this last fence. I don't think they banned harry for long enough. He needs to be out of the biz for a few years, maybe then he'll learn to think about the horse instead of his ego.


cattypex said...
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cattypex said...



That story always chokes me up.

GoLightly said...

I remember seeing one of our team members with an obviously exhausted horse at the Olympics. An older chestnut horse..

They didn't post this guys video, afaik.
Sad, always so sad to watch.

I have to agree, as a horseperson, you need to stop, when you feel your horse's legs begin to paddle away..

Trainer X said...

A complete JERK!!! Oh and I second the whole he needs to run through the course FIRST carrying some whipping, beating, A-Hole on his back!!!!!!!!!!!

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I tried to copy the link that cattypex posted and got a really nasty message! sheesh...

BritnieAnn said...

Absolutely sickening. I have my heart in my throat watching that poor horse carry him around. Any fool could see he was absolutely spent. So sad!
I mean, besides, even if you are a callus idiot, at least have some welfare for your own self. I sure as HECK would not want to be carried around a huge very difficult course like that on anything less then a tip top shape horse. Your asking for serious trouble, like he got. Which could have been so much worse.

Video is at burghley.tv

GoLightly said...

Thanks, britnie.
I looked again, but the vid keeps "hanging up". Maybe too many are trying to look right now.I scanned that list of names too many times..

Enjoyed watching the good ones get 'round, but the course seemed unduly twisty/turny/trappy.
Which is tiring, for the horse.

cattypex said...

OK, here's another link:

"During the 1932 Los Angeles Summer Olympic games, Shunzo Kido, a member of the Japanese equesterian team during the steeplechase event noticed that his horse Kyu Gun was fatigued and faltering. Although Shunzo and his horse were leading the event, Shunzo dropped out of the race rather than risk injuring his horse.

Two years later, a California humane society erected a plaque in Riverside,Calfornia, honoring the act of Shunzo. The Plaque reads Kido, in choosing to save his horse, "heard the low voice of mercy, not the loud acclaim of glory"."

My dad has seen the plaque - otherwise I would never have known about this, which is a real shame.

(Apparently the Japanese equestrian team was once something to be reckoned with.)

Anonymous said...

So does anyone know: is a judge at each obstacle able to step in and say NO STOP RIDING if they see something like this? I mean, I would hope the judges would have some sense to stop this guy when he keeps riding his horse through obstacles when he was in that kind of condition.

Did you guys have to register on the burgley.tv site to watch the video?

skellie said...

They have stewards at every jump at Burghley. Up to Intermediate level they are allowed to tell you to pull up your horse if they feel it becomes dangerous for it to continue, for example if it becomes lame or exhausted. Harry Meade was riding at Advanced level, and at that level the riders aren't supposed to need help with that.
It's not uncommon for riders in the Advanced section to push their horses even if they are tired at the end of a course, because the jumps are smaller and safer, and the costs of producing and running that horse are so high that it's considered worth it to push them over the last few jumps to stay in the competition. Harry Meade's horse was obviously not right from the off though, he was pushing it far too early.
Apparently the course stewards and commentators thought he was going to pull up the horse because he went back to trot and circled, before attempting to jump it, and that's why they didn't step in. That's probably just to save themselves from the firing line though.
At least he has admitted his mistakes though. This has happened many times where riders have been yellow carded for pushing exhausted horses, but because they didn't actually have a fall it wasn't picked up on by the media.

GoLightly said...

Finally was able to watch the video:(
Yes, you have to register, but it's easy.

To Dunauger.
Nice horse, justabout run off his feet..

Typical young overly-enthusiastic rider. Not listening to his horse, at all. He was under the time, how exciting. The horse was cross-cantering a LOT, very bad sign of exhaustion..
I still think the course was crap.
Gallop, pull-up, twist, turn.
Exhausting on the horse.
Hind-end of that horse will never be the same.

Vectormom said...

Very sad. You could see after the first few jumps all the lead swapping and cross cantering were definite signs of fatique early on. Yes, an exhuberent rider but not a knowledgable or very compassionate one. Pushing for the last few fences is one thing if you have something to push. Harry pushed from the start and his horse had nothing left to give but take note, Dunauger still took that fence. He tried to please his rider and do what he was trained to do. Unfortunately, he had nothing left. What a shame. He was a talented horse and although, he still is, his event days should be over. I wonder what his medical status is even though they make claims that he was uninjured.

horseyone said...

Trojan Mouse, I normally am 100% with you, but I think in this case, you're condemning a little quickly. Yes, he screwed up big time. He's human. God knows, as good as my intentions are, I've sometimes inadvertently done things that were not in my horse's best interests. and I've regretted it and learned from it. This particular rider has a rep for being kind and fair, and I truly believe this was an isolated incident. For another take on the subject (include Harry's statements), please check out the thread on COTH: http://www.chronicleforums.com/Forum/showthread.php?t=222523

Trojan Mouse said...


I'm sorry but this is a case of going too far on several levels. He over rode the horse, he could have killed it on a fence. His lack of judgment could have cost a horse its laugh and that is unforgivable.

T Jean Maus

horseyone said...

OK, TMJ, I totally respect your opinion. I guess I've just screwed up so much in my life I feel like I can't judge quite so harshly...

rispah22 said...

Long-time lurker, first-time commenter... I feel I have to, as I am an eventer.
Most of the horses who get to this level love cross country. I know that with my guy, I have to actively slow him down. He absolutely loves it.
Most of the horses will hit a cross country fence hard maybe once on a course. They may tap them more than that, but the truth is that hitting a solid fence hard hurts, so they tend not to do it too much.
This is a top level rider. His horse smacked into at least five fences before this one and he was struggling to keep it moving forward. Shouldn't he have realized that something is wrong?
And XC is very, very dangerous. Even if he didn't really care for his horse, I would've thought that some self-preservation instinct should have kicked in at some point...
I just find it hard, no, impossible to believe that any event rider at that level wouldn't have realized that horse was exhausted. I'm angry and disappointed that this rider chose to push on anyway.
As for Dunauger, he's incredibly honest. He just gave everything for the rider. I wish Mr. Meade would have given Dunauger the same courtesy.

Tuffy Horse said...


I agree whole heartedly with you. I did three day and CC with my old stallion and a good honest horse is a treasure. I would have never taken him to the point that Dunauger was taken. If Cost had dropped to a trot for anything but a reconnect, or a specific request, I would have excused him immediately from the course. The last fence in the course is heartbreaking. It was a lack of judgement, but it was also an exhibition of "win fever", and that is inexcusable. We all like to win, but to risk a horse's life to do so is just wrong. I hope Mr. Meade learned from this lesson and will treat Dunauger with the respect he deserves.

Anonymous said...

skellie, thanks for the info. I think XC is one of the most fascinating horse sports out there, but I just haven't spent a lot of time studying it! :)

Okay, I watched the video, and even I, someone who knows next to nothing about XC, could tell that horse was fatigued. As he was coming up the hill toward the first jump that he bounced off of, he was obviously straining. Honestly, he wasn't clearing the jumps, and I could clearly see the lack of strength in his hind end and back--he was just pulling himself along.

rispah22, thanks so much for commenting. It's good to hear from an XC rider.

horseyone, yes, we all make mistakes, and I am guilty of it as well. I've ridden 2 year old horses along 1 foot wide rocky trails with steep dropoffs and ridden green show horses in too many classes at a show, which in turn soured them to showing. But those were amateur mistakes that anyone can make (and I honestly don't forgive myself for them, for the horses' sakes--I believe I should have educated myself better). Meade is someone at a very high level competition, and therefore the well being of his horse MUST be the first priority. He is not supposed to be making those kinds of completely unavoidable, amateurish mistakes. That's where I have a problem with what he did.

As a side note, I have to say in scrolling through the names of the horses that competed, I LOVE the names Watership Down and Apache Sauce!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

CP, that story is incredible! Thanks for sharing it. I will have to incoporate that quote into my website and my TWH blog somehow!

Johanna said...

Just how Amy Tryon killed her horse: insensitive prick-for-brains gunning for the finish.

This sport breeds fewer dickhads, but they are there

SFTS said...

Cattypex, yes indeed there is such a plaque, it is at the top of Mt Rubidoux overlooking both the 91 and 60 freeways, as well as overlooking the Santa Ana River, in Riverside. I have seen it myself. :)

Found a link to a photo of the plaque itself:

Shunzo Kido Plaque

SilverIsBest said...
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HorseCommonSense said...

As if I wasn't pissed off enough after viewing this video...

Johanna then dredges up my deep hatred for Amy Tryon. I hate that fat pig! Now I do not have hatred for overweight people...
Just this fat pig who demands her Olympic horse to be in tip top condition, while she shoves unlimited crap down her throat to get fat just before the Olympics!

After seeing her "Rooooll" Off the horse, then continue to "Rooooll" Down the Hill was absolutely disgusting to me! Try sumo wrestling AMY!

There should be a weight limit, so she couldn't pass, so I didn't have to watch her. Then there would be no excuses of how "I didn't know, I thought it was a shoe..." She's a Fat slob and that's that.

Ahh.. vented.

horsndogluvr said...

Horsecommonsense, on behalf of all the responsible riders out there who are not stick figures, allow me to say, may you fall head-first into a fresh cow pie. May you swallow a dessicated dropping from a dead vulture's crotch. To put it more succinctly, you are acting like a skinny beeyotch!

Amy Tryon was stupid and selfish and cruel. That has nothing to do with her body weight. Grow up.


Ruthie, now typing with 1 hand and 1 finger.

closer.37 said...
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HorseCommonSense said...

Nooo..not skinny, actually I have quite the azz on me these days as I got older... My weight has nothing to do with it.. "I" am not competing in the "Olympics" expecting my horse to care my Fat Azz cross country at Olympics times!

However.. If I was going to the "Olympics" I would do what I had to do to get into shape. Most "Atheletes" DOOOO!
Especially if I were a "Team" member, representing my country.

Diets and exercise do work.. if you are committed. So there was no excuse, you want to run an event representing yourself and yourself only, FINE. I suppose you are going to suggest she has a thyroid problem... ooo great.. *rolls eyes... For Amy to be a team member in that condition at the "Olympics" was a disgrace and insult to her team and country. Period.

HorseCommonSense said...
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HorseCommonSense said...

One more note...
horsndoglvr... you state...
Amy Tryon was stupid and selfish and cruel.

Yes. Stupid... it's not like she said, "I think I'll try out and ship off to the Olympics... "next week".

Yes. Selfish... She did not train, diet (which also suggest eating proper), and exercise as did her other team members for this Olympic moment.

Yes. Cruel... She was cruel to expect her horse to carry her over the jumps, down the course at Olympic times with the weight she had on.

That has EVERYTHING to do with her weight! Balance is a Huuuge factor at this discipline, and at That "level" your weight should be seriously considered. It's called being an athlete. Not a pleasure rider or casual competitor. Period. Period.

horsndogluvr said...

I still say you're being a "fat-ist." Yes, balance is everything. Yes, if you're riding in a timed event, weight can matter. (Balance matters more.)

Yes, diet and exercise work - but it's not that easy. Only for those who enjoy exercise and "healthy" food.

Snarks in a bucket! If it was easy, nobody would be fat! I wish you fatists would get that through your bony skulls!

What's-her-twot's horse wasn't exhausted because the rider was fat. It was because she was a bad_rider.

Like Harry Meade.


Erin said...

Can anyone post a current link to the Amy Tryon incident?

bettylion said...

Ugh, that was really icky to watch.

I agree, I don't understand how his self-preservation instinct didn't kick in. Guys can be dumb, i guess. :P

That poor horse was so obviously struggling. And he obviously KNEW IT. He was taking the trot break and refusal attempt as an opportunity to give the horse a little breather.

The slow-motion at which that poor horse attempted the last fence was horrifying. And also amazing how he barely struggled to free himself - when the rider got off, he just went "ahhh, finally, a break! I'll just hang out up here even though my primal instincts tell me never to let myself be in such a prostrate position."

If people want their mount to behave like a machine, why are they horsemen? Why not another activity, like cars or speedboats??!?

bettylion said...

For those of you trying to watch the video, I had troubles at first, try this....

(You do have to register, but that's easy.)

When I attempt to watch the video again, it just looks like it keeps trying to load. The direct link does not seem to work well. If you get into the screen where you can see the other videos available,scroll down to "Meade" and click and it will play.

anniebanannie said...

Holy shit! One time I was arguing with someone about severe bits and said something to the effect of a "twisted-wire gag hack bit" thinking that I'd made it up... Fuck me, it's real.

anniebanannie said...

Holy shit! One time I was arguing with someone about severe bits and said something to the effect of a "twisted-wire gag hack bit" thinking that I'd made it up... Fuck me, it's real.

anniebanannie said...

Holy shit! One time I was arguing with someone about severe bits and said something to the effect of a "twisted-wire gag hack bit" thinking that I'd made it up... Fuck me, it's real.